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Nissan Juke-R Finally Come To Hit The Track For Testing


Refer back to our earlier post about the development of  Nissan Juke R in UK – Nissan Juke-R with 480bhp 3.8-litre Twin Turbo V6 Engine from GT-R


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Based on the most recent update, this little monster has finally come to hit the track! With the build complete, engineers take Juke-R to MIRA proving ground to check all systems work correctly before heading to Silverstone to push the car’s limits.


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According to the feedback from Nissan, the vehicle looks like a Juke but sounds like a GT-R, and performs like one on its first circuit tests too.


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Just like you, we love this awesome car. Meantime, check out the photos and YouTube videos throughout the development of of Juke R.


Photo Gallery: Nissan Juke-R

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