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Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo


You probably be wondering, is there a Altis TRD Sportivo ?  We are here to to tell you, Yes there is. Aside from the Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo, there’s actually Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo. The turn-off point is, it is only available in Thailand.

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On the front of Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo, upgrades can be seen on a few areas. The headlights which has black background now, the huge front bodykit warped on the existing bumper & of course the matte black grille with  a TRD Sportivo Badge. Toyota Thailand did a limited batch of 2000 unit of Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo with a option of 1.6 litre engine or 1.8 litre vvt-i engine. There’s only 2 colours to choose from which is Black or White.

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From the rear of this Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo, it make me feel excited with the huge spoiler similar in size as the Civic Mugen  or Evo X type and the button with rear diffuser along with the rear bodykit.  The rear headlights are also different than a standard Corolla Altis. The yellow reflector signal light has been replace with a clear-type rear light case.

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As we view the Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo from the side, we are not so sure whether to call it a nice car with those bodykit fitted to it. In our opinion,it does not look that sleek. However you do get the TRD Sportivo sticker at the lower part of the side rear door – The sticker positioning reminds of me the latest Civic Type R. The rims also replace with a 205/55R16 profile TRD Sportivo 16 inch rims.

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Interior wise it is rather disappointing, as our own local Toyota Vios TRD has more racing spirit with mixture of black/red colours and some carbon fiber prints. As for this Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo, buyers do get a dark grey leather with TRD Sportivo logo embossed on the seat.

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Be reminded the TRD-Sportivo it’s not the “true TRD” that we seen in other cars such as Toyota Celice TRD and etc. Toyota Thailand did not do any performance upgrades for the Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo. They don’t not even have a option for lower/sporty suspension kit for it like what we have here for the Vios TRD Sportivo. Toyota Thailand did a  1.5 litre Vios turbo for the previous generation of Toyota Vios, i do hope to see more true racing spirit 4-door saloon car rather than just a racing looking body shell.

Currently our Standard Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G Sporty is about RM120,000+ as for the 1.6E Sporty it’s about RM105,000+.  If UMW Toyota decides to sell Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo you can easily expect RM5000 or more from the standard price.

Toyota Thailland did a nice flash site dedicated to Toyota Corolla Altis TRD Sportivo. Click here to check it out.

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