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2013 Toyota Vios Launched in Malaysia. Price ranged from RM73,200 to RM93,200


It’s finally here! – The 2013 Toyota Vios was officially launched yesterday in Malaysia. This is the third generation Vios since its first launch in Malaysia in year 2003. This popular model of Toyota in Malaysia is available in 5 variants – Vios J (Manual), Vios J (Auto), Vios E (Auto), Vios G (Auto) and TRD Sportivo (Auto). All of ...

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2013 Toyota PRIUS c TRD Sportivo Start Order Taking in Malaysia

Back in February 2012, the Toyota Prius c was launched in Malaysia together with the Prius facelift model. Back in August 2012, UMW Toyota Motor offered free service package for the first 10,000 km or 6 months of ownership.   Today, UMW Toyota Motor announced the order taking of the 2013 Toyota PRIUS c TRD Sportivo.     From the ...

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Toyota 86 TRD Edition in Malaysia

Got more than RM250,000 to spend on a car? Here’s another option for fellow Malaysians to consider. Following the hype of the Toyota 86 since last Friday. We got these photos from one of our special friend. The Toyota 86 TRD (Toyota Racing Development) edition or at this stage at least with a TRD bodykit.   [singlepic id=10963 w=630 h= float=]   If ...

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Toyota 86 TRD In Action with Parts List

Owning a Toyota GT 86 (also known as Toyota 86 in Japan) or a Subaru BRZ, it is inevitable that owners have thoughts of making the 2+2 coupe goes faster in true horse power and as well as faster aesthetically. That’s where the Toyota’s tuner’s company TRD (Toyota Racing Development) market is. TRD has come out with a number of parts that allows ...

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TRD Toyota Prius C Hybrid Sport Package in Japan

The new 2012 Toyota Prius C will make its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 10, 2012. And of course, Toyota is taking the same opportunity in pushing out the TRD Sport Package for the all-new Toyota Aqua (also known as Toyota Prius C outside Japan).  [singlepic id=9272 w=630 h= float=]  A quick introductory ...

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Toyota Prius PLUS Performance Package by Toyota Racing Development (TRD)

[singlepic id=4288 w=630 h= float=] In US, Toyota will be launching an all-new sporty package for its Prius hybrid in SEMA aftermarket show at Las Vegas. This Prius will be available in limited production beginning in April 2011. This model is developed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the Performance Package doesn’t touches anything under the hood but relying instead on ...

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Toyota recalls more than 116,000 4WD Hilux Utes

[singlepic id=3848 w=630 h= float=] The recall of the top selling Hilux Utes is the biggest for Toyota Australia recently. Yesterday, Toyota announced a safety recall of more than 116,000 4WD Hilux vehicles in Australia, following concerns that the vehicles might be damaged if used frequently on rough roads. The recall is to check support brackets on 116,507 petrol and turbo-diesel ...

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Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo 2010 Review

With the incoming of competition from various rivals for Toyota Vios such as, Honda City, Naza Kia Forte, Nissan Latio, Sentra – Toyota have to come out with a car that would stand out from the crowd and at time justify-able. UMW Toyota has decided take away the Vios “S” spec and give way to a more sporty and with more equipment ...

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