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UMW Toyota Motor new tagline promises excitement, innovation and youthful appeal


For many years, Toyota has been moving people, literally and figuratively. It has provided the main element in the motorisation of countries and today, the mobility of millions. Whether it has been across town to school, across the country to visit relatives or across the world on the adventure of a lifetime, Toyota vehicles have provided the means to reach destinations.Where drivers are headed and how they get there has always been Toyota’s top priority, more so today. Why and how people drive and their experiences is what Toyota constantly considers – and wants to make every driving trip a great one.


In the spirit of continuous improvement, people’s experience as a driver is something that Toyota constantly considers. The journeys define the development of Toyota vehicles and the models brought to the shores, and how people care for their car sets how Toyota would serve them both.

In short, why you drive is what drives Toyota.

The new tagline – All About the Drive – promises that in the days and months ahead, Toyota will make things even more exciting. This will be through expanding the boundaries of consumer vehicle technology with exciting innovation makes journeys in Toyota vehicles safer and more enjoyable, fully adapted to the fast-changing lifestyle of Malaysians.