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Ford Fiesta Sedan & Hatchback Malaysia Coming Version


This post is dedicated for those who has been eye-ing on the upcoming Ford Fiesta than will be launch in Malaysia. Ford has been going around places to displaying their upcoming Ford Fiesta hatchback. Most of the Malaysians prefer sedan car rather than a hatchback. Here we bring you some actual photo of Ford Fiesta Sedan Facelifted.

[singlepic id=1842 w=630 h= float=center]

The shape of the Ford Fiesta sedan reminds us of Mazda 2 sedan. Only thing good about the Ford Fiesta sedan version is probably more boot space. The photos here are from Bangkok Autoshow this year.

[singlepic id=1815 w=533 h= float=center]

The Rear lights of the Ford Fiesta sedan is rather simple. The rear lights are totally different as compare to the hatchback version of Ford Fiesta.

[singlepic id=1817 w=533 h= float=center]

The Ford Fiesta hatchback rear here looks much sportier with a nice “S” emblem. The  LED like rear lights and the spoiler certainly makes the Ford Fiesta a hot hatch.

[singlepic id=1816 w=533 h= float=center]

You’ve seen some studio shot of Ford Fiesta that we are getting soon. You might seen the actual car during one of Ford Malaysia roadshows lately. Just a reminder what Ford Malaysia didn’t show you yet is we are getting the new facelifted version of Ford Fiesta which the above photo version. You can check out Ford Malaysia website and the one they show in the roadshows lately.

[singlepic id=1845 w=630 h= float=center]

Both Ford Fiesta Sedan & Hatchback shares the same front bumper , headlights. The difference it’s only at the rear part of the car.

[singlepic id=1844 w=630 h= float=center]

Enjoy the Ford Fiesta Sedan & Hatchback photos below that we expect this is what Malaysians are getting in 3rd quater this year. Not bad huh ? Do check out our overview of Ford Fiesta here.

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