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Hyundai i10 World Cup 2010 Cars


The FIFA World Cup 2010 starts 11th June 2010 to 11th July 2010. Hyundai as a official vehicle sponsor of FIFA world cup this year, it’s making this opportunity to promote their cars.

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What Hyundai did was they took 2 Hyundai i10, or know as Inokom i10 here in Malaysia and put it with as much as football theme to it. The body of the World Cup i10 is covered up with artificial  grass like material which symbolized  a football field, the rims cover is done using half of a the football. The top of the car is attached with a Hyundai Logo huge football and a goal just enough to fit the Hyundai Football if you were to kick in.

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Both interior of the 2 Hyundai World Cup Cars are different. One is decorated with Hyundai blue theme with World Cup spirit, where as the other one is just plain grass theme. The headrest of the car seats has been replaced with Footballs as headrest.Would you as a crazy football fan like one of these World Cup cars?

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The side mirror is design with a pair of football boots. Even the wipers are fitted with Football goal keeper’s gloves.These World Cup i10 cars are built by Hyundai UK. Hyundai will use  Hyundai i10 World Cup football cars to promote the World Cup activities throughout the United Kingdom. One interesting fact, that these 2 cars are the same cars that Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear UK that he damaged previously. If you want to know more about the standard version of Hyundai i10 or Inokom i10, we will be talking about in few days time.

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