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BMW X3 2011 Teaser on BMW website


If you didn’t know, BMW X3 1st generation has been in the market for quite sometime. If you’ve been following our site, there’s some spyshot of upcoming BMW X3 2011 version we reported earlier.

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The BMW X3 2011 or rather the 2nd generation of BMW X3 has been scheduled to make it’s official appearance in Paris Motor Show 2011 this year in early October. To create awareness to the market, BMW has put up some BMW X3 2011 teaser shots to the BMW official website.

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We predict BMW will publish more teaser shots or possible the photos of the new BMW X3 before the launching date. These teaser photos show the BMW X3 2011 will feature a more shaped/sculpted bonnet which has the styling inherited from the recent BMW 3-Series and BMW 5-series. Also concentrated is the as new rear BMW X3 tail lights.

For those who are eager to know more on the upcoming BMW X3 2011 edition, there’s video capture by the someone and uploaded online. He found a camouflage BMW looking SUV parking on the street and later drove off. It’s a 2 minutes plus video, so enjoy it in detail. The video shows the highly possible new generation of BMW X3 to be more stylish and well as the size is slightly bigger than the first generation BMW X3.

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We presume there will be a series of four & six cylinder engine running on petrol or diesel will be available to fit into the BMW X3 2011. From capacity ranging from 2.0 litre to a 3.0 litre tubro-charged that could produce 306 horse power. As the world is looking in to “green” there might be a new electric hybrid engine on the new BMW X3 2011 too. We will continue report as BMW or unofficial news that we are able to get, stay tuned.

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