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Honda Freed Malaysia Spyshot at Federal Highway


Updates 22 April 2010 : Honda Freed Officially Launched

Just days before the Honda Freed officially revealed for the local market in Malaysia. Honda Malaysia took a masked-up Honda Freed for a spin. These photos are taken from the Federal Highway by our FastMotoring Facebook Fan – Jeremy, thank you very much!

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Analyzing from the front grill of and the mask bumper, it is Honda Freed which Honda Malaysia planned to launch it on 22 April 2010 to fill the segment of Compact MPV.

All the Honda Freed in Asean region is assembled at the same plant in Indonesia. According to Thailand Honda Freed variant type, this Spy shot photos that taken is likely to be the standard Spec E.

[singlepic id=781 w=630 h= float=center]

We are not sure how many variant of Honda Freed will be rolling out in Malaysia but I guess this Spec over here it’s a definite. According to our insider source from Honda Malaysia, the price of this mini-van is estimated at RM120k.

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The TomYam Land also gets a top of the range spec as Honda Freed E Navi Sport Spec. Notice the front grille it’s different. Similar to Honda Accord, the 2.0 spec and 2.4 spec has different front grill. The Honda Accord 2.4 front grill 1 thick bar type front grill is also found in the highest spec of Honda Freed.

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Do come back and check us on 22 April 2010 with more details of the Honda Freed. At this point of time, do explore our gallery of the photos that submitted by our fan and Honda Thailand.

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