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Honda Freed the 4 SEATER + STYLE Review

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The much-awaited Honda’s premium compact MPV has finally launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010. Don’t be confused by its marketing theme of 4 Plus Ideas. The car is not for 4 passengers with 4 seaters. The seats arrangement for the car is 2 + 2 + 3. Hence, it is for 7 passengers. The All-New Freed is targeted at young professional with family. The third row of passenger seats can be converted into additional cargo space to meet endless possibilities and needs of its occupants.

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The foldable back seat of Honda Freed with video demo.


The All-New Freed incorporates with dual automatic sliding doors with remote, flat floor design and a walk-through cabin. This compact MPV makes me felt that the car is like mini-Toyota Estima. There is ample storage space, including centre tray, glove compartment, door pockets, backseat hook and 7 cup holders spread out all around the car. Honda claimed that the car was actually designed based on the concept of cafeteria which allowing the passengers enjoy the ride comfortably like sitting at a cafe and enjoying a drink.

Power Sliding Doors Switches & Remote Control

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Power sliding doors can be open from a remote controller or from the driver seat.

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Power sliding doors are implement to the Honda Freed for easy access with tight parking space.


Walkthrough Cabin

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This flat floor design was achievable of an ingeniously designed under floor fuel tank.

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Check out the video below for a walk through of Honda Freed.


Low Floor with Grip Assist

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Children and elderly can board the Honda Freed with it’s low floor design.

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A handle for passenger to gain grip to access the vehicle.

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Honda Freed dashboard is design with a 2 layer style (reminds me abit of Honda Civic’s dashboard) . The steering is rather simple without audio controls and non-leather wrap.

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The double din headunit from Alphine is equipped to Honda Freed are with Aux-in and USB port. 4 Speakers configuration, with no tweeters.

Foot Braking Brake

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The All-New Freed powered by 1.5L i-VTEC engine under its hood which similar to Honda Jazz and City. However, the engine is tuned to produce 118PS at 6600rpm for maximum power and 146 Nm at 4800rpm for maximum torque, the 4-cylinder, 16 valve SOHC engine is one of the better known technologies in the industry. The i-VTEC engine is known to produce a perfect balance between power and fuel economy.

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The engine mated with 5-speed automatic transmission (5AT) and a drive-by-wire (DBW) torque control system.

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To meet the emission regulations benchmark as well as part of social responsibilities by Honda. The engine is also fitted with an airflow meter and linear air fuel ratio sensor as part of the Honda’s mission to reduce its product’s impact on the environment. It also meets the EURO 4 emission standards.

For safety wise, this car scores 6 stars in the JNCAP crash tests for both the driver and passengers.  The proprietary G-Force Control Technology (G-CON) helps disperse the crash impact across the body frame while the advanced compatibility engineering (ACE) gives better crash compatibility with other cars, thus minimizing injury.

Other safety features available on the All-New Freed are ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electrical Brake-force Distribution), BA (Brake Assist) and Grade Logic Control embedded in the Shift-Hold Control which provides stable driving around corners by holding a low gear.

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A 6 spokes rim (as spotted on our spy shots) is equipped to the Honda Freed. Honda Freed is fitted with a front disc brakes and rear drum brakes configuration.

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For the Malaysian market, the Honda Freed available in Brilliant White, Polished Metal and Crystal Black. Honda Malaysia is confidently target to hit 1,600 units of sales in its first year.

The car was previously speculated to be priced at RM120k mark. The good news is…. the All-New Freed will be selling at RM112,980. They have got booking of 150 units in-hand before launching. Don’t wait, check out at your local Honda Dealer now!

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To make the Honda Freed looks even better, there are optional Honda Modulo Package for Honda Freed available with Tailgate Spoiler (RM 820), Fog Lights (RM 1,160) and Door Visors (RM 390). Total bundled price for 3 items will be RM 2,200 which total amount ended at RM 115,180 On-The-Road.

Honda Freed Launch

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Honda Freed Girls

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Honda Freed Official Media

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