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BMW 3 Series F30 Facelift 2016


BMW 3 series has been a benchmark of the luxury sedan segment but competitions are getting strong every release from other auto makers. To continuously keep up the pace of one of the best selling luxury sedan in the world, BMW is putting up some new engines and others to the 3 series (F30) range for a refresh as 2016 model. In another words, a facelift and the exterior changes are barely noticeable.

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For the BMW 3 series facelift, BMW designer alter the front fascia slightly with more aggressive angles towards the both ends of the bumper and some LED works on the headlights. As for the rear, we do notice the reshaped LED tail lights. As for the interior, there will be more ambience lighting feature and chrome trim. For the sport line package there will be also a black trim on the grille. However, that all these details depends on various different markets & countries.

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The BMW 3 series will have 2 new brothers in the newline. First up, the all-new BMW 340i with a B58 turbocharged inline-six engine. The BMW 340i is set to replace the 335i series. While it’s still based on a 3.0L engine, but the new powertrain is pumping 320hp. As compared to the 335i, it is 20hp less. BMW claims that 0-100km/h speed at 4.8 seconds with a standard 8 speed automatic or 4.6 seconds with BMWxDrive

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The other brother for the 3-series would be the BMW 330e plug-in hybrid. Details of the powertrain has not been release yet, as the model will launch later this year. However, BMW pre-release the power figure at 250hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. 0-100 in 6.1 second. Of course we would be expecting some electric motor is helping out to produce these figures. Fuel economy will be released later.

Asides for the minor new looks and 2 new models in the F30 variance, there are actually more upgrades and changes under the shell of the BMW 3 series 2015. The 8-speed automatic gearbox is more efficient with a wider gear ratio, the handling is reconfigured with new front struts and dampers for the rear. A retuned power steering is also in place. For BMW US consumers for now, there are a some Track Handling Package that consists of, Variable Sport Steering, Adaptive M Suspension and M Sport Brakes with high-temperature pads.

Photo Gallery: 2016 BMW 3 Series F30 Facelift

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