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Honda Freed Malaysia Official Media Launch on 22 April 2010

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Honda Freed has finally launched in Malaysia. We’re invited to the Launch of Honda Freed today at KL Hilton. We would like to take this opportunity to share our experience to Honda Freed launch by Honda Malaysia.

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We registered for our media passes and headed for some refreshments provided by Honda Malaysia. We were also given some of the Honda Freed Brochure and Official Media Kit.

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The event started with the speeches and presentations by the key personnel of Honda & Honda Malaysia. Picture above shown is Mr. Toru Takahashi – Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia.



The above clip was shown during the event as part of Honda Malaysia before showing the Honda Freed. The clips show an idea of how Honda Freed was design.



About 11.30am Honda Malaysia finally unveiled the All-New Honda Freed. Cameras and flashes, music – everyone was busy taking their best shot for Honda Freed.


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(Left) Mr. Toru Takahashi – Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia,  (Right) Mr. Isao Ando – Project Leader of Honda Freed

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After the Honda Freed was unveiled, immediately my attention was caught to the white Honda Freed.

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Not to forget, the pretty models that was around. We were busy taking photos on the ladies – No… I mean the Honda Freeds and almost forgot to attend the Press Conference.

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We immediately head to the Press Conference and manage to catch up with a few questions asked by the other media. In additionally, I also did as a question to the Honda Malaysia team.


Fastmotoring Team : I understand that Honda Freed has the disabled version in other countries. Is there any option that we can add on that disabled version equipments?


And right at this moment a member of the media, laughed a little said “ha, disabled version”. Maybe the local media think is not important to provide disabled facilities for the unfortunate which I felt strange.


Honda Malaysia Team : (after quite awhile discussing)  We have no plans of bringing the disabled version of this moment.


Well that’s about it for Honda Freed Malaysia Official Media Launch, be sure to check out our review on the Honda Freed here.




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Also Enjoy the Honda Freed Gallery below.


Honda Freed Launch

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Honda Freed Girls

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Honda Freed Official Media Photos

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