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The STIG is Revealed As Michael Schumacher – Top Gear


The STIG is Michael Schumacher

It’s just too good to be true. First episode of Top Gear UK Season 13 has revealed that the STIG or the current STIG is actually Michael Schumacher.Watch the youtube video below.


During the event, “Clarkson jokingly pretended not to recognise the German driver and asked him his name, before shouting to the audience: ‘It’s Michael Schumacher!’,” BBC News reported.

Later, BBC News reported that it was unclear whether Schumacher really was the Stig or whether it was a stunt. Earlier this year, professional driver Ben Collins was regarded as the most likely new man behind the machine, while Jeremy Clarkson declared only a week later that it was in fact BBC royal reporter Nicholas Witchell – a fairly unlikely story.For now, you have a few options: you can believe that Michael Schumacher has the time (and that BBC has the money) to be The Stig or…

Some say he is Micheal Schumacher, others believe he is just a top gear racing driver , All we know is he is the undying legend – THE STIG!