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Mugen Honda Stream | Honda Stream RST


With recent annoucement of new facelifted Honda Stream in Japan. Mugen and Honda has come out a more sportier model of stream. From Mugen, a tuned Mugen Honda Stream.


mugen honda stream front
New Mugen Honda Stream

mugen honda stream wallpaper
New Mugen Honda Stream

The new Mugen Stream does looks more aggresive to me. However if you compare it with the previous Mugen Stream, i think the previous Mugen Stream looks more differences compare to the old stock Stream.

mugen honda stream old
Old Mugen Honda Stream

mugen honda stream old wallpaper
Old Mugen Honda Stream

Of course, Mugen cars does not only come with cosmetics. You may install an optional suspension, air filter, rims and etc. For more, scroll down this post to see it in our gallery.

From Honda, they decided to have a “even sportier version than RSZ” which is – Honda Stream RST.


honda stream RST front 

honda stream RST rear

The new Honda Stream RST comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, body-hugging seats, sportier interior trim and red stitching on the leather steering wheel and gear knob along with a sportier suspension setup.Since there’s no modification on the existing engine to increase some HP for the Honda Steam RST , the Japanese automaker decided to remove the third row of seats for weight saving reasons. All these to build up a more sportier Honda Stream RST.

honda stream RST interior

honda stream RSZ interior

Compare it to the current Honda Stream in Malaysia.