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Mazdaspeed 3 2010 & Mazda 3 In Japan Showroom


Mazdaspeed Axela is the actual name for it. As we mention in the last post it was launch just today in Japan.We manage to get our hands on the showroom photos and now, share it to our readers.

Mazdaspeed Axela 2010 Front

A scoop to further cool down the 264Ps & 380Nm of Torque Engine

Mazdaspeed Axela 2010 Rear

Equppied with a bigger spoiler and 18″ wheel

Mazdaspeed Axela 2010 Interior

Even Sportier Interior.

Mazda Axela Start Stop Button

Keyless Entry with Start / Stop Button

Mazda Axela 2010 i-stop

The Fuel Efficient Mazda Axela i-stop

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