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Toyota & Mazda Officially Announced Technology Partnership

Toyota Mazda Partnership

Toyota & Mazda has officially announced in a joint press conference to reduce research & development cost and to cope with increasingly strict emissions legislation in countries around the world. Both companies had announced to “build a mutually beneficial long-term partnership”. In a statement, Toyota said: “By leveraging the resources of both companies to complement and enhance each other’s products and ...

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Mazda Launches Biggest Showroom, Mazda BT-50 On Display

[singlepic id=12359 w=630 h= float=]   Mazda launches it’s largest showroom in South-East Asia to further show its commitment to the Malaysia market. This New multi-million ringgit showroom will in line with Mazda growth in the Malaysian market. The new 3S centre showroom in Glenmarie comprising a massive floor space of 130,000sqf and spread over four floors. It is located exactly ...

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Mazda6 got destruction in Russia by Crane Truck

This is an unexplainable violence against Mazda6 happening in Russia. It involves a massive, absolutely awesome crane truck grabbing onto the roofs of a pair of perfectly good-looking Mazda6 and simply tossing them into an equally huge bin attached to said truck. Perhaps, the car had write-off due to engine failure.   Anyway, we don’t understand the Russian language. Is ...

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Mazda 3 Hatchback Malaysia

About nearly a year ago, we were the 1st to uncover and review the all-new 2010 Mazda 3 –  that was the Mazda 3 2010 Sedan model. The 1st quarter of this year, Bermaz has finally decided to bring in the Mazda 3 hatchback. [singlepic id=570 w=630 h= float=center] Other than the body shape is different as compare to the ...

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2010 Mazda CX-7 with a HAPPY smiley face like Mazda3

The Mazda CX-7 is due for a refresh and Mazda plans to take the wraps off the 2010 model at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. A ‘happy’ smiley face is nothing exceptional for Mazda latest trend. Hence, the 2010 CX-7 receiving Mazda’s familiar “happy” smiley face and some new brightwork. [more:Click here to view the gallery of 2010 Mazda CX-7]

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Mazda wants hybrid drivetrains Line-up in 2010s

Mazda Motor Corp., a recent convert to hybrid technologies, now says it wants to put gasoline-electric drivetrains into its lineup in the next decade. And its hybrid powertrains will be on existing models, not hybrid-only nameplates. Executive Vice President Philip Spender said during the Japan launch of the Mazda3 that Mazda will not develop a standalone hybrid model but instead the ...

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Mazdaspeed 3 2010 & Mazda 3 In Japan Showroom

Mazdaspeed Axela is the actual name for it. As we mention in the last post it was launch just today in Japan.We manage to get our hands on the showroom photos and now, share it to our readers. A scoop to further cool down the 264Ps & 380Nm of Torque Engine Equppied with a bigger spoiler and 18″ wheel Even ...

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Mazdaspeed 3 2010 & Mazda 3 Launch In Japan

Mazdaspeed 3 is launched in Japan. It has been a Mazda week for us in Malaysia, suprisingly this year, the Japanese decided to launch their new Mazda 3 Models or what they like to call Mazda Axela later than us.Well, since it’s Japan, they always get something special which is the Mazdaspeed 3 or rather known as Mazdaspeed Axela. Mazdaspeed ...

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