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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Buy New Toyota Prius and Prius c Received Free Service Packages This Month!

UMW Toyota Motor announced today that it will be extending the free service package for the first 10,000 km or 6 months of ownership that was offered for Toyota Prius c is now extended to Toyota Prius for the month of September in Malaysia. Both Prius variants will get the same promotion.


The Toyota Prius September Treats offer customers with a special free service packages for the first 10,000 km or 6 months of ownership for customers nationwide who purchase a new Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius c in Malaysia.



Globally, the Prius has made presence felt in more than seventy countries and reached worldwide sales of over 4 million units which is currently the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the world. The new Prius and Prius c have proven that hybrid technology is viable, durable, and one of the best way to preserve the environment, while at the same time maximising the natural resources. As a result, hybrid technology is now a mainstream option being adopted by most auto-makers. What continues to set the new Prius and Prius c apart from other hybrids on the market lies underneath the hood.


According to UMW Toyota Motor, the delivery timing for all Prius and Prius c has been shorten to provide the opportunity for all Malaysian to enjoy the benefits of Toyota Intelligent Hybrid Synergy (HSD) technology the soonest.

UMW Toyota Motor Offers Free Service Package for Prius C

Good news for folks that is deciding to buy the new Toyota Prius C. Today, UMW Toyota Motor announced offering free service package for the first 10,000 km or 6 months of ownership. This offers valid for customers who purchase a Toyota Prius C from the 6th to 17th August 2012 in Malaysia.



The new Prius C, utilises the latest Toyota Intelligent Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology to run independently on either petrol or electric power, or a combination of both.


Anyway, the free service package is not that attractive at least to us since many other automakers have offered similar or better package and warranty as standard. UMW Toyota Motor, we are expecting more than this.

Toyota Prius C and Prius Facelift Launched In Malaysia

Not too long after the Toyota Prius C (known as ‘Aqua’ in Japan) went on sale in Japan, this particular model has begin rolling out to other regional market gradually.  According to Toyota Japan, the introduction of the Prius C is aimed to make the Toyota hybrid cars more affordable. Precisely, to be even more reasonably priced than the Honda Insight 1.3 IMA. Prior the launch, we are shocked to see the price is higher than its rival in Malaysia.


2012 Toyota Prius C

Now, we are glad to know the price of the new Prius C was essentially positioned correctly after the launch @ RM 97,000 on-the-road. Indeed, the estimated price was previously announced @ RM 103,990 earlier before the launch by UMW.


In addition, the new facelift model of Toyota Prius also launched together with the new Prius C during the event yesterday. The price for the all-new Prius C starts at RM 97,000 on-the-road with insurance, while the Prius Standard is priced at RM 139,000 and the Prius Luxury variant at RM 145,000. According to UMW, the company is targeting sales of 1,500 units for the new facelift Prius and 2,500 units for the Prius C in 2012.


The Prius C is powered by a state-of-the-art, small, light and efficient 1.5-litre (1,496 cc – Engine Model: 1NZ-FXE) Toyota hybrid system with reduction gear. It comes with a selectable electric-vehicle mode (EV Mode) enables driving with only the electric motor. The maximum output @ 73kW from the hybrid powerplant.


The aerodynamic styling provides a comfortable interior in a compact body. The hybrid battery (Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)) has been placed under the rear seat for maximum occupant and luggage space. The hybrid unit and engine are positioned to create a low centre of gravity for easy manoeuvring. Somehow, the overall package is feature-rich (from performance to safety aspect) and attractively priced.


Meantime, you can also check out our previous article about the new Prius C. Please stay with us to keep you updated more about the new Prius C.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Toyota Prius C


Photo Gallery: 2012 Toyota Prius C Malaysia

Toyota Prius C Set To Be The Most Affordable Hybrid Car in Australia

Toyota Australia will be launching the Prius C in later next month and it is officially expected to be the most affordable hybrid car in the Australian market. Conversely, the situation is not the same in Malaysia as the price is expected to be higher than Honda Insight (even after full import duty and excise duty exemption for hybrid and electric cars in Malaysia).



According to the executive director sales and marketing from Toyota Australia, Matthew Callachor said Prius C will have an advantage in the “thousands of dollars” over the $29,990* price of the best-priced rival hybrid car. He added that, “Prius C will bring Toyota’s renowned Hybrid Synergy Drive technology to a new segment of buyers at a more accessible price”.


If you have been following us, you probably know that the Prius C is already a hit in its home market of Japan with Toyota holding orders for more than 120,000 cars – or 10 times the monthly sales target.


The fuel tank and hybrid battery of the Prius C are located under the rear seats, therefore there are plenty of legroom for all occupants and trunk space.  Lastly, Prius C is the newest member of the expanding Prius family that includes the third-generation Prius hatch already on sale in Australia and the versatile Prius V is targeted to launch in the second quarter of 2012.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius C Malaysia soon, Priced RM103k

 Toyota Prius C is coming to Malaysia! As tease from UMW Toyota website & thanks to our government in support of hybrid cars the company has announce an attractive estimation Price of RM103,990.  In short, the Toyota Prius C is a smaller size brother of the original Prius or rather a more compact version of Toyota Prius.


As quoted with the in the previous article we had, The Toyota Prius C is “small, light and efficient 1.5-litre (1,496 cc – Engine Model: 1NZ-FXE) Toyota hybrid system with reduction gear. It comes with a selectable electric-vehicle mode (EV Mode) enables driving with only the electric motor. The maximum output @ 73kW from the hybrid powerplant.”



One will expect the Toyota Prius C power like a 1.8L car, although the combine horsepower output is about 101hp but the high torque from the electric motor as well as the engine will give the small Prius a quick pick up. Check out the Toyota Prius C in action in the video below.



Photo Gallery: 2012 Toyota Prius C


The Toyota Prius C comes with alot of equipments with it. For more specification of the Toyota Prius C for Malaysia please visit the Toyota UMW link here.

For those interested buyer, perhaps a TRD Sportivo Prius C might attract you as well for future TRD upgrades. More pictures of the TRD version Prius C we posted earlier here.