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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Mitsubishi Merdeka Deals

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Malaysia kicked-off the “Mitsubishi Merdeka Deals” promotion campaign today in conjunction with the 2014 Merdeka celebrations. The campaign offers attractive sales packages for customers who purchase selected Mitsubishi models from now until 30 September 2014.

Mitsubishi Merdeka Deals

Over the duration of this campaign, customers who choose the popular ASX Compact SUV will receive a cash rebate of up to RM2,000. Priced at RM114,743.50* (2WD variant) and RM128,879.50* (4WD variant), the ASX Compact SUV recently won the coveted title of “Best Local Assembled SUV” by Asian Auto Allianz Auto Industry Awards 2014.

The stylish yet compact SUV is powered by a 2.0-litre MIVEC engine with an output of 150PS and 197Nm. The two variants utilize a smooth INVECS-III CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) with Sports Mode offering six virtual ratios for enhanced driver involvement while maintaining superb fuel efficiency.

While customers who choose the Pajero Sport (2013 Make) will receive up to RM9,000 cash rebate, subject to model variant availability. The Pajero Sport GL is priced at RM151,277.60* while the Pajero Sport VGT is priced at RM172,211.60*.

  Pajero Sport

The highly advanced power-train of the Pajero Sport VGT was once again recognized for its superb fuel efficiency in the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards 2014 by coming in first in the Premium SUV category.

For customers who are interested in the Triton VGT GS (2014 Make), a cash rebate of up to RM5,000 awaits them. The Triton VGT GS is priced at RM107,809.60*.Triton VGT GS
Both the Pajero Sport VGT and Triton VGT GS come with a high-output 2.5-litre common-rail diesel engine producing 178PS and 350Nm. The Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) delivers uncompromising power while maintaining class-leading fuel efficiency.

Since 2005, MMM has sold more than 80,000 units of vehicles in Malaysia. Current line-up of vehicles include the eco cars Mirage and Attrage, Lancer GTE sedan, ASX compact SUV, Triton pick-up trucks, Pajero Sport and Pajero SUVs and the 100% electric car i-MiEV.

To date, Mitsubishi Motors operates 57 showrooms (out of which 43 are 3S Centres) and 47 service outlets throughout Malaysia.

Audi continues its profitable growth

Despite challenging conditions and a record investment program, Audi delivered a convincing performance in the first half of 2014 with solid key figures. In the period of January through June, the Ingolstadt-based carmaker set a new record with deliveries of 869,355 Audi vehicles. The Audi Group posted first-half revenue of € 26.7 billion and operating profit of € 2.7 billion. In the first six months of this year, the company achieved an operating return on sales of 10.0 percent and was thus at the upper end of its strategic target corridor of eight to ten percent.

Audi waechst profitabel weiter

At the half-year press conference in Munich, CFO Axel Strotbek stated: “Despite major challenges, Audi is systematically continuing along its path of high-quality growth.” Audi appeals to customers with its attractive model portfolio. The company therefore expects to deliver significantly more than 1.6 million cars of the brand with the Four Rings this year, once again breaking the prior-year record.

From January through June, the Audi Group delivered to customers 869,355 automobiles with the Four Rings: an increase of 11.4 percent (H1 2013: 780,467). The company sold 50 percent more units of the new A3 family* than in the first half of last year. At the same time, the large models A6*, A7*, Q7* and A8* together recorded an increase in unit sales of 10.1 percent.

Due to the growth in vehicle deliveries, revenue increased despite negative currency effects by 5.8 percent to € 26,690 million (H1 2013: € 25,234).

As a result of the volume growth as well as higher research and development expenditure for groundbreaking technologies and new products, the Audi Group’s cost of sales in the first six months of this year increased by 8.3 percent to € 21,870 million (H1 2013: € 20,190). At the same time, distribution costs rose to € 2,419 million (H1 2013:€ 2,284). The company achieved an operating profit for the first half of 2014 of € 2,671 million (H1 2013: € 2,644).

The operating return on sales for the first six months was 10.0 percent (H1 2013: 10.5), and was thus at the upper end of the strategic target corridor of eight to ten percent. The Audi Group posted a profit before income taxes of € 3,102 million for the first half of this year (H1 2013:€ 2,974), equivalent to a return on sales of 11.6 percent (H1 2013: 11.8). Profit after income taxes amounted to € 2,323 million (H1 2013: € 2,178).

Axel Strotbek, CFO of AUDI AG, stated: “We are currently making substantial advance expenditure that will pay off in the medium and long term.” This is why Audi approved the biggest investment program in the company’s history at the end of last year. By 2018, a total of approximately € 22 billion will flow into new models, technologies and the continuously expanding worldwide production network. From January until June 2014, Audi invested € 1,552 million in its business operations (H1 2013: € 1,240), 25 percent more than in the prior-year period.

Despite increased advance expenditure, Audi completely financed all its investments out of its cash flow from operating activities, which increased in the first six months of the year to € 3,712 million (H1 2013: € 3,236).

Net liquidity of € 15,324 million at June 30, 2014 was significantly higher than a year earlier (June 30, 2013: € 13,536).

In 2014, the Audi Group intends to grow in all regions of the world and to strengthen its leading position in both Europe and in China. Depending on the economic conditions, the brand with the Four Rings expects to post revenue growth in full-year 2014.

The systematic expansion of international production structures, increasing advance expenditure for new models and technologies – in particular to fulfill increasingly strict CO2 regulations around the globe – will at first have a negative impact on earnings this year. At the same time, the positive development of unit sales and revenue and the continuous improvements in productivity and processes initiated in the past will provide positive impetus for the development of operating profit. In total, the Ingolstadt-based company anticipates an operating return on sales within the strategic target corridor of eight to ten percent.

Fuel consumption of the models mentioned above:

Audi A3: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.2;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 165 – 85

Audi A3 Sportback: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7.0 – 3.3;
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 162 – 88

Audi A3 Sedan: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7.0 – 3.3; 
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 162 – 88

Audi A6: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 9.8 – 4.4; 
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 229 – 114

Audi A7 Sportback: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 9.8 – 4.7; 
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 229 – 122

Audi Q7: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 10.7 – 7.2; 
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 249 – 189

Audi A8: 
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 11.3 – 5.9; 
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 264 – 144 

J.D. Power Asia Pacific Reports: Well-Informed Customers in Malaysia Have High Expectations for Customer Service

Likely due to cars are expensive in Malaysia, customers are expecting better service when they take their vehicles in for service or repairs, and authorized service centers are not meeting those expectations, according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 Malaysia Customer Service Index (CSI) StudySM released.

J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 Malaysia Customer Service Index (CSI) Study

The study, now in its 12th year, measures overall service satisfaction among owners who took their vehicle to an authorized service center for service maintenance and/ or repair work during the first 12 to 24 months of ownership. For the first time, the 2014 study examines service satisfaction exclusively on the mass market segment.

Toyota ranks highest in overall customer service satisfaction among mass market brands, with a score of 777. Toyota performs particularly well in the service facility factor. Nissan ranks second with a score of 776, while Isuzu and Mazda rank third in a tie at 775 each.

The study evaluates new-vehicle owner satisfaction with the service experience by examining dealership performance in five factors: service quality (38%); vehicle pick-up (20%); service initiation (14%); service advisor (14%); and service facility (14%). Satisfaction among mass market brands averages 754 index points (on a 1,000-point scale) in 2014, which is a 3-point decline from 2013.

 J.D. Power Asia Pacific: 2014 Malaysia Customer Service Index Study

The study identifies 22 service standards that enhance the overall customer service experience. In 2014, customers expect a minimum of 19 of those 22 standards to be met in order to have a positive service experience. In comparison, customer expectations in 2013 were for service centers to meet 17 of the 22 service standards. On average, authorized service centers are implementing 18.1 standards per service visit in 2014.

“Customers have higher expectations, so it’s vital that the automakers’ service centers strive to not only meet, but also to exceed those expectations to deliver a satisfying experience for their customers,” said Rajaswaran Tharmalingam, country head, Malaysia, J.D. Power Asia Pacific. “Brands need to focus on the entire service process—from helping customers secure service appointments, to providing top-quality services, to faster service turnaround times, to having friendly and knowledgeable service advisors—all of which contribute to overall customer satisfaction.”

The study also finds there are additional services some service centers provide that also improve customer satisfaction, such as washing and vacuuming vehicles at the completion of the service and making follow-up phone calls to customers after service is performed. Currently, only 14 percent of mass market customers indicate their service center delivered on both of these services, among whom satisfaction is 797, compared with 729 among customers whose service center did not deliver on both those standards. 

Kia Sorento 2015 Teased with Sketches & Video

 Kia has released a video & 2 sketch images to tease the next generation of the Kia Sorento. The upcoming model will be the 3rd generation of Kia Sorento. Bold & sophisticated as Kia claim for their new Sorento.


The actual production car model will be unveiled in South Korea in end August 2014.  The 3rd generation of Kia Sorento as we view here with sketches has a lower roof line, a higher body line profile, thus giving it a more muscular character. Also featured together is the more up lifted “tiger-nose” grille. We do see a hint of Mercedes Benz exterior styling references.


The Kia Sorento is the best selling SUV for Kia. This new Sorento model is styled with a collaboration of Kia’s design studios in Korea, Germany and the USA. The all-new Kia Sorento will make its European premiere on 2nd October at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Enjoy the video below to get more glimpse of the Kia Sorento 2015.  The current Kia Sorento (2nd generation) is priced  around  RM 160,000 in Malaysia.

Nissan Note gets spice up by Nismo

Nissan Motor Japan has taken the latest hot hatch, Nissan Note to spice it up becoming the Note Nismo. Note Nismo is expected to reach the showrooms in Japan 3rd quater this year (2014).  The Nismo Note is actually the fifth vehicle being park under the revitalized Nismo production umbrella.


There will be 2 version of the Nissan Note Nismo,  a standard verion and a more sportier S version. The standard Note Nismo is targeted to drivers that for has some sportier drive yet want to maintain the fuel efficiency. While the real deal is the Nismo Note S that said to be a high performance vehicle. Both variant Note Nismo will include of Nismo tuned Powertrain, chassis, tire, suspension and aerodynamic body kits. While the Nismo Note S specifically will be equipped with a Nismo specially-tuned engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, that allow the driver to get more more torque at low revs.The Nismo Notes will also get Custom front grille, front and rear bumpers, side sill protectors, roof spoiler and the Nismo Red electronic folding side mirrors highlights the exterior along with the custom Nismo badge, all with the Nismo Red highlights.


The Nismo Note will have better enforced body rigidity along with the smooth drive. Nissan claims the performance and quality that can only come from a factory-tuned vehicle. The custom sports seats are comes with the Note Nismo S as a package however the standard Note Nismo can get it as an optional add ons.  On top of that, the special Nismo Recaro sports bucket seats are offered as a factory option on the Note Nismo S.


The Nismo Note will make be a good contender for the Honda Jazz Mugen, Ford Fiesta ST. With the Red touches of the bodykit  of Nismo design the Note certainly looks much sportier.

Nismo’s Chief Product Specialist, Hiroshi Tamura added: “The development concept of this model was to build a car that makes you want to keep driving, no matter where your destination may be. Nismo is confident that the Note Nismo will enhance your driving experience; it offers top level performance in a compact package.” 

Nissan also announced that the Fairlady Nismo will receive a minor model change, while a new Nismo RS grade will be added to the Juke Nismo in the 3rd quater of 2014.


Gallery : Nismo Note