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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo 2010 Review

With the incoming of competition from various rivals for Toyota Vios such as, Honda City, Naza Kia Forte, Nissan Latio, Sentra – Toyota have to come out with a car that would stand out from the crowd and at time justify-able. UMW Toyota has decided take away the Vios “S” spec and give way to a more sporty and with more equipment – Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo.


Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo was born in the last pre-facelift version and it has been revised together with this Vios facelift version. We’ve reported to you on the Toyota Vios G Spec & Toyota Vios E Spec earlier. Thus, we will be concertrating what UMW Toyota give you as extra in the Vios TRD Sportivo as compare to other Vios variants.

img_3152 img_3161 img_3153

At a glance from the front, immediately the sporty factors is carried out with the lower front bumper bodykit and with a badge with “TRD Sportivo” it does give this Vios a very outstanding factor as compare to others variant.


The rear of a the Vios TRD Sportivo is equipped with  low spoiler with another 3rd brake light on top of the existing one. Although the spoiler it’s not as aggressive looking as those after-market Mugen or Evo X spoiler, this spoiler carries the sportiness of the 1.5L  Vios without over doing it unlike the one on Toyota Altis TRD Sportivo we posted earlier.

img_3141 img_3137 img_3139

The sides of the spoiler is also badged with TRD Sportivo logo. The rear bodykit of Vios TRD Sportivo is painted with a two-tone colour effect to increase the visual effect of a diffuser like styling. A chrome tail pipe is also attached to the exhaust. To further identify this top of the range Vios, a TRD Sportivo badge is attached to the rear boot where normally other version of Vios would be placing “J, E or G” .


From the side it seems this Vios TRD Sportivo seems to look lower than a standard Vios.  A pair of side skirt is attached to the car to complete the full TRD  Sportivo aerokit as a visual effect to make the car look lower thus again sportier.

img_3221 img_3134 img_3156

TRD Sportivo badges are also found on the sides skirts of the car.The Vios TRD Sportivo is equipped with 4 TRD Sportivo rims with and red TRD logo and background of carbon fiber print. However, it’s still at 15″ rim. Like the Vios G spec, the door visor is given as well.


If you’re bored of me mentioning the TRD Sportivo badges, there’s more to come. The goodies continues inside the car. UMW Toyota, gives the TRD Sportivo more of the racing blood. The seats of the Vios TRD Sportivo are red paired with black colour.

img_3114 img_3116 img_3118

The TRD Sportivo logo it’s also stitched on to the both front seats. Something that amazed me was the black and red material of the seat is actually different. The black part of the seat it’s some material similar Alcantara which found in RECARO seats in EVO X and the Civic Type R , while the red part of the seats are standard fabric. Even the car matt is also a TRD Sportivo badge car matt with a red/black colour to match the interior of the car.


UMW Toyota did not compromise in giving this Vios TRD Sportivo in the equipments. The integrated stereo system to the panel along with audio controls on the steering is still here as compare the Vios G Spec. The steering of the Vios TRD Sportivo is wrapped with leather and with red lining stitching.

img_3122 img_3123 img_3131

The difference here is the Vios TRD Sportivo features a different colour panel to match the sportiness feel of the vehicle. The shape of the steering of this facelift Vios is much nicer – as compare the the pre-facelift, that look similar like the steering from Proton Wira. The rear seats are also red with black theme. The space of the rear seats are same like all other Vios.


Sportiness is everywhere in the All-new Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo. The door panel is also trim with sportiness to match the rest of the interior.

img_3120 img_3159 img_3130

The door panel, handle and where all the windows control switches located are wrapped with carbon fiber looking prints. The door panel it self is paired with the same red colour we found on the seats. As i step out from the Vios TRD Sportivo, i can’t help notice another TRD Sportivo badge on the metal plated side step which available on all 4 door exits of the Vios TRD Sportivo.

meterpanel trdsportivosportsgearknob trdsportivosuspensionkit

As you start the Vios TRD Sportivo, the Optitron Meter & the Multi-Information Display(MID) lights up. With a button switch you can see some statical information of the Vios TRD Sportivo such as, Odomters, Two Trip meters, Instantaneous Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption, Driving Range ( estimation on how many more kilometres you can travel) and Average Vehicle Speed. This is only available in Vios TRD Sportivo. Other than that the gear knob are black leather wrapped with red stitching.

The Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo is going for RM 92,000 with insurance with all the accessories and equipment mention above except for an optional suspension to have a more firmer and stable ride for RM 3150.  Overall, the Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo is quite a attractive package to attract the younger generations. We can see that UMW Toyota did pay alot of details in this Vios TRD Sportivo. With just an extra of RM4700 as compare to the Vios G spec i think this is a much better Toyota Vios we can look into. Colours available for all the Toyota Vios are

Grey Mica Metallic – Silver Metallic – Medium Silver Metallic – Coal Black and a Non-Metallic White.

Enjoy the more photos of Toyota Vios TRD Sprotivo below!