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Toyota Yaris Hybrid World Premiere at Geneva 2012


After the introduction of the 3rd generation model of Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid were introduced. Explicitly, The Honda Insight was hailed as a “Toyota Prius fighter”. After a year or so, Honda inherits their IMA technology into the Jazz to make the vehicle price even more competitive.


This year, the largest Japanese automaker stood up and answers back to Honda with a series of new hybrid family like Prius C and now the with the Yaris Hybrid. Now, it seems like a hybrid war, which is great for fellow Malaysian that currently enjoying the hybrid car incentives until end of 2013.


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If you have been following us, probably you have know that Honda Malaysia will be introducing the Honda Jazz 1.3 IMA Hybrid by end of this month with a price tag between RM80k-90k. In the other hand, Toyota Europe will debut its latest B-segment full hybrid model at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show starting March 6, 2012.


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The more affordable Yaris Hybrid shared the same Hybrid Synergy Drive system with the Prius C. It mates the 1.5-litre VVT-i engine to a more compact electric motor, battery pack, transaxle and inverter. In fact, this car is lighter than the Prius C. It means, even more efficient and responsive.


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For Europe market, the production for the Yaris Hybrid will begin mid-April in France and available at the showrooms by June 2012. Additionally, Toyota Europe will also bring to market this year the Prius Plus, Prius plug-in hybrid, and GT 86 coupe.


At this point of time, do check out the YouTube videos about the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid.