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Suzuki Swift S-Concept, Next Swift Sport?


The Suzuki Swift is quite a nifty car among it’s competitors. Awhile ago we report the new generation of Suzuki Swift, which we are yet to see here soon. However among the good Swifts there’s always some turn out to be more sporty.

6664  630xfloat=center gv shw 47 Suzuki Swift S Concept, Next Swift Sport?

Pictures here show the Suzuki Swift S-Concept, automatically this will a benchmark of the new generation of Suzuki Swift Sport. This Suzuki Swift S-concept make debut during the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The Suzuki Swift S-concept is presented in a Unique Lightning Pearl Yellow with a 3 door version. The is in-line of the company’s brand philosophy of delivering excitement. The front of the S-concept has been fitted a special design head lamp and a over kitted fog lamps. Integrated with front and rear fenders the Suzuki Swift S-concept looks track ready.

6668  630xfloat=center swift conceptgenflive04 Suzuki Swift S Concept, Next Swift Sport?

From the rear it remind us of the Renault Clio RS. However the twin exhaust & with a bigger spoiler and all the special design front , rear , side parts of the car are design in a piece ( not an extra fitted bodykit) makes the hot hatch looks pretty sleek. The Swift S-Concept is fitted with huge 18″ wheels with Brembo brakes. Currently the Swift S-concept is officially spec as 6 speed gear box, front engine, front wheel drive and with a tuned 1.6 liter engine.

6682  630xfloat=center swift4 Suzuki Swift S Concept, Next Swift Sport?

Inside The Suzuki Swift S-concept is fitted with a pair of yellow with Black Recaro bucket seats. The steering is leather stitched with some yellow trims. The current highest range Suzuki Swift is priced at RM112,958.00 – not a small price tag for a car like this. We do expect the new Suzuki Swift Sport to be priced more assuming it will be better looking and with better features ( also considering the Japanese Yen getting stronger). However, the Swift S-concept may be good to look at but not so practical  to hit the production line. We would expect a tune down version the Swift S-Concept to be the next generation of Suzuki Swift Sport.