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Honda Civic 2012 , 9th Generation


Honda has finally unveil the 9th Generation of Honda Civic. One of the top selling mid-size sedan in our homeland. As a norm, Honda models will have a 5 years cycle before a new generation is launch. The last Civic was launched back in2006.

5664  600xfloat=center civic2 Honda Civic 2012 , 9th Generation

Honda America Vice President Claim that Honda Civic is the most trouble free compact vehicle over the years. Two variant in will be launch as per this concept which is the Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe version.

5666  600xfloat=center civic6 Honda Civic 2012 , 9th Generation

As much as we love Honda Civic, the people in America even love Honda Civic, they organize Honda Civic tour yearly.

5668  600xfloat=center civic4 Honda Civic 2012 , 9th Generation

Honda Civic will go on sale in second quarter of this year 2011 ( April 2011 onwards). More info coming up as we gather!

It does look like the Honda City Concept in KLIMS 2010 we posted yearly isn’t it ?