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Proton Gen2 CPS M-Line Black Roof


The Proton Gen2 has been in the market since 2004.  Proton Gen2 CPS which is available in these few year are only in the H-Line model. Now, Proton decides to gives a little extra to the customers.  Proton did a few cosmetic upgrade on the Gen2 CPS  (most significantly the black roof). The part that interest most of the people is Proton Gen2 CPS is available for M-Line now.

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If you are not familiar how Proton classify their car model range, M-Line means medium line. The good news is Proton has reduce the Proton Gen2 CPS M-Line price by RM1,500 making it RM57,480 ( Automatic – version).  The best part out of you getting the cosmetic upgrade is -You are getting the 125hp Proton Campro CPS red cover engine instead of the 110hp Camrpo IAFM. This is a definitely not a common scenario coming from car maker which just reminded me Toyota Vios with just facelfit without engine upgrades but “upgraded” the price. The Proton Gen2 CPS H-Line prices are remain unchanged as compare to previous.

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Something that put me off a little bit is that, the Proton Gen2 CPS M-line is only available with automatic gearbox. However you will have 2 colours to choose from – Solid White and Fire Red, both with black roof top. Proton has also tweaked the front grille, rims and door handle. Not something that we can notice easily.

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Inside the revised Proton Gen2 CPS leather upholstery is available only for H-Line. M-line will most likely get the standard Gen2 fabric seat. On top of that, the new Proton Gen CPS M-line also doesn’t come with bodykit as standard. Other than that, multi-function steering wheel & foglights are only available in H-Line Proton Gen2 CPS.

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The new refresh Proton Gen2 CPS will be available for viewing on Proton Showroom this Saturday (22nd May 2010).  We will be taking some live shots for you. If you are looking for a more spirited racing drive, you need to get the Proton Gen2 CPS H-Line for the manual gearbox. Prices and Range of the new Proton Gen2 CPS as below.

High-Line (Automatic) – RM62,938 
High-Line (Manual) – RM59,958
Medium-Line(Automatic) – RM57,480

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