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Toyota 86 TRD In Action with Parts List


Owning a Toyota GT 86 (also known as Toyota 86 in Japan) or a Subaru BRZ, it is inevitable that owners have thoughts of making the 2+2 coupe goes faster in true horse power and as well as faster aesthetically. That’s where the Toyota’s tuner’s company TRD (Toyota Racing Development) market is. TRD has come out with a number of parts that allows customers to tune up their Toyota 86. 


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Parts list includes a set allow round bodykits, a free-flowing exhaust, fully adjustable suspension and nice red monoblock caliper kit.  18″ wheels are optional with few design to choose from. Interior wise, will be TRD sports seats, sport meter, push start button and shift knob.


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For those eagerly awaits more horsepower tuning kit from TRD to tune up one Toyota 86 with some turbo-charge or supercharger, best just hope for the Subaru BRZ Sti edition as the engine comes from Subaru.TRD Japan recently tuned up a few Toyota 86 with TRD parts and invite a few lucky people ( mostly Japanese journalist) to get behind the wheel and have some fun with the Toyota 86 TRD.


Attached below with gallery of the Toyota 86 TRD parts and listing as well as a video give you a more look and feel and noise from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine by Subaru with the TRD exhaust system.


Toyota 86 TRD Parts List 

  • Front Spoiler 
  • Side Skirt
  • Rear Under Spoiler
  • Rear Trunk Spoiler
  • 18 inch Aluminum Wheel ‘SF2’ (Forged) & Tires (Michelin)
  • Oil Filler Cap
  • Fuel Cap Cover 
  • Sports Seat
  • Sports Meter Link System(Water Temp., Oil Temp., Oil Pressure)
  • Push Start Switch
  • Shift Knob
Mechanical Parts
  •  Full-length Ride Adjustment Suspension Set
    (40-way Damping Adjustment)
  • Stabilizer Set (Front & Back)
  • Mono Block Brake Kit 
    Brake Caliper Front: 6 pot , Rear: 4 pot 
    Brake Rotor Front: 355 mm, Rear: 345 mm
  • High Response Muffler Ver.R
  • Rear Diffuser Set
  • Door Stabilizer
  • Front Strut Tower Bar (Carbon)
  • Member Brace Set
  • Radiator Cap


YouTube: TRD Toyota 86



Photo Gallery: Toyota 86 TRD Parts List

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