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Toyota recalls more than 116,000 4WD Hilux Utes

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The recall of the top selling Hilux Utes is the biggest for Toyota Australia recently. Yesterday, Toyota announced a safety recall of more than 116,000 4WD Hilux vehicles in Australia, following concerns that the vehicles might be damaged if used frequently on rough roads.

The recall is to check support brackets on 116,507 petrol and turbo-diesel Hilux vehicles produced between January 2005 and February 2010, Toyota Australia said in a statement.

“In remote areas in the vehicle is frequently driven at hard acceleration on rough roads that feature conditions such as severe corrugations or high numbers of cattle grid crossings the rear tailshaft centre bearing support brackets may give way,” says Toyota.

19 cases of the problem, which could be worsened by constant use over cattle crossings, have been reported in Australia but only one involved the breakdown of the support brackets and nobody was injured in the incident.

Toyota spokeswoman Laura Hill said owners could continue to drive their Hilux as the safety recall was a preventative action.

“It’s a very rare case only happening under certain conditions; it’s very specific,” she said.

“Toyota Australia continues to focus on quality as a major priority,” says Hill. “Our customers can be assured we will always place customer safety and service first.”

Toyota has seen its reputation badly damaged after it recalled about 10 million units worldwide because of dangerous defects, many involving “sticky” gas pedal problems that could cause vehicles to speed out of control.

Photo Gallery: 2008 Toyota TRD Hilux 4000SL

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