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Infiniti Made a Real Concept Vision Gran Turismo


Infiniti ( Nissan’s Luxury Brand) and number of automakers co-operate with Gran Turismo ( a video game on Sony’s Play Station)  to launch their vision / concept cars. While not all of the car maker’s virtual cars make it to live. Infiniti made their “Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo” to live. The virtual car was actually reveal in the game ( Gran Turismo 6) back in December 2014.

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Recently, Infinite has just unveil the full scale model in Shanghai Motor Show 2015. It’s concept and idea in the virtual world it’s powered by a 4.5 liter V8 engine. A sleek yet looks like a track-focused car is well polish metal with swift lines. It envision to have a rearward focus 45/55 weight distribution. It also has single center lock carbon fiber wheel.

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The virtual concept car began as an ambitious global Infiniti Design competition to “design a pure Infiniti GT car,” which Infiniti’s Design team in Beijing won. Part beauty, part beast, its shape is powerful, sensual and audacious – articulating the team’s ambitious racing language for Infiniti.

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While this is one of the beast we dream to drive, it is now only possible that we do it Gran Turismo 6, Playstation. For those that doesn’t get to play the game. Feel free to check  out the Infiniti Vision GT gallery.

Gallery : Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo

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