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Nissan Murano Facelift 2011


The new Nissan Murano facelift has officially revealed by Nissan. The 2nd Generation of of Nissan Murano is launched in 2008 and 2 years later a facelift for a year 2011 model Nissan Murano facelift. This facelift will firstly apply to the North American markets.

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It is still powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 250 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque and is still mated with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) gearbox.

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The new Murano Facelift gets a more aggressive front. With a slight tweak on the grille design and a more sporty front bumper ( mainly around the fog lights area).

[singlepic id=3737 w=630 h= float=center]

From the rear, the most significant changes would definitely be the rear lights. The rear lights is surrounded by transparent design and center red braking LED lights. Other optional variant available is with 20-inch wheels, a dual-panel moonroof and more optional goodies,  as well as a AWD and FWD too. The current Nissan Murano is priced RM330,000 in Malaysia. US is getting the facelift by October in their Nissan Showrooms, we shall see whether our version gets a facelift later too.

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