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Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia 2014 – Round 7 & 8


Last weekends was an intense race weekends as the Round 7 and 8 of 2014 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia ended at Zhuhai International Circuit, China. These two rounds are coincided with the annual Pan Delta Super Racing Festival, one of the most loved motorsports events in China’s racing calendar.

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On a whole, the high temperatures wreaked havoc at round 7 where Team FXPrimus Aylezo was one of the casualties on that day.  Team FXPrimus Aylezo showed a strong start with Afiq Yazid in pole position. Afiq took advantage of the improved track conditions to maintain his lead into turn one. Then at turn three, Akihiro Nakaya took Afiq on the inside for the lead.

“I had a really good start but Nakaya took me at turn three. I didn’t want to have a battle with him as he was in a different class so I let him pass and maintained P2. I followed him for the next two or three laps then he spun right in front of me. It was quite a bad crash causing the Safety Car to come out and leaving us to get all bunched up again.” said Afiq.

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Zen Low took over the wheel from Afiq and knowing that the track temperatures causes the brakes to quickly overheat, he was extra cautions and tested the brakes as he got in the car. At his first turn, disaster struck. The brakes failed completely as Zen was powering down to take a turn. Zen waited for the rescue vehicle which pushed him back onto track. By then, the team was two laps behind. Despite the bad condition of the car, the team managed to brought the car home third in class.At Round 8, Team FXPrimus Aylezo showed its speed and great teamwork as they set the fastest time of the day but despite their speed and efficiency, luck was not on their side.

Zen started the race for the team from position 6 and despite the cooler weather, the team was still cautious with the brakes. As the lights turned green, Zen was off at a impressive pace taking two cars before turn one and kept it clean. Then at turn 12 he was ‘pushed’ off the line into the grass by Dilantha Malagamuwa. Zen managed to recover, losing one position and rejoined the race in a steady pace before handing the car over to his teammate Afiq Yazid.

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Zen pass the wheel over to Afiq. He started out cautiously, making sure the brakes were not overheated. After a few laps, he started to put his head down and began to push, setting the fastest lap along the way.Just as he caught up to the leading pack, disaster struck the team again. The rear was slipping at the turns and the car was ‘nervous’ under braking, It was a puncture, Afiq brought the car in slowly to the pit.When Afiq reached the pit, the rear left tyre was shredded and the team was down the order, almost two laps behind. After the tyre change, Afiq pushed on, crossing the line but just missing out the podium. However, the team still managed to collect vital Championship points for third in class.

The 2014 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia will take the team to five race circuits around Asia, the season started in May at Sepang International Circuit before heading to Indonesia, to Japan and China. The series will have its finale in Malaysia and the World Final in November.


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