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2012 Toyota Estima Gets Facelift Again in Japan


Last month, the popular Toyota Estima 7-seater MPV for Japan Domestic Market (JDM) gets facelift for the third time since this generation of Estima launched back in 2006. [Note: Don’t ask us why]. The 2012 model of Toyota Estima now come new headlamps with dark-plated (smoke black) style, a bolder front bumper and a ‘two layer style’ front grille instead of ‘V-shape’ from the previous facelift.


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Based on the information we gather from Toyota Japan, the 2012 Toyota Estima still remained having the 2.4-litre, 3.5-litre V6 and hybrid variants. The performance of the 2.4-litre variant still maintained with 170PS with a maximum torque of 22.9kgm, coupled with the 7-speed CVT gearbox. For the 3.5-litre V6, the engine output the same 280PS and a maximum torque of 35.1kgm, mated with 6-speed Super ECT auto gearbox.


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For the hybrid variant, the exterior styling is pretty much similar with the petrol variants including the bodykit. However, the hybrid powerplant is churning a max output of 190PS with the combination of 2.4-litre engine and electric motor.


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Essentially, the 2012 Toyota Estima facelift has turned the MPV to look even more aggressive, cool and futuristic. Likely, this model will be imported from Japan to Malaysia from next year or the following year by the grey-importers as second hand cars.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Toyota Estima JDM

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