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Suzuki Kizashi Malaysia Launching Real Soon


Suzuki Kizashi has been launched in other countries way back in 2009. While rumors has it Suzuki Malaysia will launch the car somewhere in January 2012, here in Malaysia. We send our troops to go scouting. The picture was taken in outside one of the Eon Berhad complex. As EonMobil distributes Suzuki vehicles as well, it make sense that the black Suzuki Kizashi  with trade plate spotted near their complex. The Suzuki Kizashi was not camouflaged in anyways.


Suzuki Kizashi

We posted an article back in August 2009 on the Suzuki Kizashi concepts and some of the actual launch details. The car is believe to be powered with a 2.4L engine.


Suzuki Kizashi Interior

Suzuki Kizashi features MacPherson struts up front and a multi-link setup in the rear it. It will be likely a 6-speed cvt gearbox. Do remember to check out the stunning concept version of Suzuki Kizashi here.