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Toyota to Unveil Five World Premieres for Tokyo Motor Show 2011


Today, Toyota announced 5 world premieres for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, including the prototype concept models.


The unveiling of the stunning FT-86 coupe will be joined by global debuts of the Prius C compact city car and 3 ground-breaking concepts – FCV-R, FT-EV III, Fun-Vii.


Toyota Prius C

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Ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has released the first official details of the Prius C. Prius C combines the features of a Yaris-sized car with a hybrid vehicle to deliver a fun-to-drive compact vehicle with excellent fuel economy. Prius C features a compact and lightweight hybrid system – a 1.5-litre petrol engine with a high-output motor – that achieves 35-40 km/litre on the official Japanese test cycles. Engine and hybrid components are arranged to deliver a low centre of gravity that contributes to spirited driving while the interior offers high levels of comfort and ample luggage space. Prius C is due to be launched late next month in Japan, where it will be called Aqua.


Key dimensions of Prius C are: length 3995mm, width 1695mm, height 1445mm, wheelbase 2550mm, seating 5.


Toyota FCV-R

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This concept model is a highly practical fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) that is planned for launch in about 2015. It is fuelled by hydrogen, a promising source of CO2 emission-free energy that can be produced from a variety of sources and is easy to store and transport. With the fuel-cell unit located beneath the specially designed body, the vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers and boasts impressive luggage space. Toyota says the fuel cell stack, consisting of a 70MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank, has been improved to provide a cruising distance of approximately 700km under test conditions.


Key dimensions of the FCV-R are: length 4745mm, width 1790mm, height 1510mm, wheelbase 2700mm, seating 4.


Toyota FT-EV III

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The latest in a series of electric concept cars, the FT-EV III is an ultra-compact and lightweight package suitable for short-distance trips. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the FT-EV III achieves an estimated cruising range of 105km on a fully charged battery. Toyota is developing electric vehicles with the aim of launching a car next year that is suitable for short-distance travel. Toyota says electric vehicles with zero CO2 emissions are important eco-cars of the future that have the potential to replace cars fuelled by petrol.


Key dimensions of the FT-EV III are: length 3110mm, width 1680mm, height 1500mm, wheelbase 2000mm, seating 4.



Toyota Fun-Vii

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This quirky concept vehicle heralds a future where people, cars and society are linked. It is a key exhibit for the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, which is being staged under the theme “Mobility can change the world”.


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