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2011 Honda Jazz Facelift Review in Malaysia


The current generation of Honda Jazz went through a mid life facelift as most of the car did. Recently, we took the latest Honda Jazz out for a weekend driving experience to pretend as an owner. 

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Firstly, we will begin from the exterior. The all-new Honda Jazz features a bolder front fascia with sportier looking front lower bumper.  We’re not surprise that the new front bumper design also improves the aerodynamic of the car. The headlamp is insignificantly enhanced by giving it some matte black lining and the mesh grille is now in gunmetal colour. The fog lights are standard fitted in the Honda Jazz Grade V. 

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Few more noticeable revisions from the rear of the new 2011 Honda Jazz would be the new rear bumper. Added the cut line of each side of the bumper gave the Honda Jazz more attitude, the rear lights has been simplify with a 3-tier transparent middle – allowing clearer indicator while braking and reversing or left/right signals. The Honda Jazz was personally my teenage dream car, given an opportunity to own one for a few days was a dream come true. Moreover, the signature colour of the new Jazz is in Brilliant Metallic Orange colour!

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Stepping inside the Honda Jazz, you will immediately feel the car is very bright and spacious, and that’s because there’s lots of glass area and a big wide windscreen. This helps to provide a very good driving visibility with very minimal blind spot. The instrument is pretty standard and easy to use. Not to miss out, there’s a paddle shift on the steering wheel that lets you play with the 5-speed auto transmission. A roomy front compartment with up to 8 cup holders is offered. The audio head-unit comes with an USB port that compatible with iPhone/iPod devices, so you can plug-in USB drive or device to enjoy your favourite tunes. The new 2011 Honda Jazz can comfortability carries 5 adults with ample headroom and legroom for each.

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However with this new Honda Jazz, I feel more confident while driving, the small triangular window enable me to have better judgement on the road and notice objects that are close to the Jazz. The Honda Jazz is powered by the 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine giving the car a 120ps of maximum horsepower @ 6,600rpm + 146Nm of max torque @ 4,800rpm. The gear shifting is smooth but the engine gets a bit loud in high revs.


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The clever Japanese designs of practicability are seen in the Honda Jazz. Fold down the 2nd row and the front passenger seat you get a long space to carry objects such as a ladder. The rear passenger seat can be also folded up to allow Jazz owners to fit in taller objects such as a shoe rack or perhaps pot of flowers.  The dynamic ultra seats allow the Honda Jazz to be a part time MPV.


The 2011 Honda Jazz Grade V is retailing at RM 109,800.00 (on-the-road price with insurance) in Peninsular Malaysia. We can’t disagree the price tag is at a premium level for a car that is fully imported from Thailand. However, I do recommend those that are interested on the new Jazz facelift to head down to any Honda dealers, take your time to test drive and experience the new 2011 Honda Jazz. I don’t know but I hope that Honda Malaysia would consider introducing the Honda Jazz Hybrid here if the Malaysian hybrid car tax exemption is further extended since it will be expiring by end of 2011.


Photo Gallery: 2011 Honda Jazz Malaysia – DriveView by FastMotoring

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