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ALL-NEW Volvo S60 Details & Launch Experience


Volvo Malaysia just launched it’s new flagship model – the new Volvo S60 . The all-new Volvo S60 was given the theme of Naughty for it’s marketing campaign to emphasize on it’s driving dynamic and the sporty elements of the new generation of Volvo S60.

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Available in 2 variant here in Malaysia, the fully imported Volvo S60 are here with 3.0L T6 All Wheel Drive variant and 2.0L T5. Both variant are with turbocharged engines, the T6 model ( 3.0L engine) produces a stunning 304hp with 440Nm of torque that will enable the car to sprint to 100km/h in 6.1 seconds. The great result of this is also due to the  Volvo’s 2nd generation of 6-speed Geartronic transmission. As for the 2.0L T5 variant, it produces 240hp with 320Nm of torque ( pretty impressive from a 2.0L turbocharged engine), and this wil take you from 0 to 100km/h in  7.5 seconds flat.

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* I urged you to hit the play button above to see what Volvo S60 can do ,if you haven’t.


Despite the All wheel drive system with instant traction available in the Volvo S60 T6 ( 3.0L) variant. It is comes with 3 switchable configuration for the Four-C chassis. Comfort, Sport and Advance for superb driving dynamics. The Volvo S60 has improved the steering and stiffer suspension and lower than any previous model. Volvo S60 is also the first sedan in the market that implemented with Advanced Stability Control that functions as an anti-skid feature. Not to forget Volvo S60, new corner traction control which used Torque vectoring that functions as when during a corner, the inner wheels are brakes intermittently while at the same time more power is transfer to the outer wheel to reduce understeer to minimum. This was demonstrated during our ride in the video with the Volvo S60, doing a quick run along the guided cons of roundabout.

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Volvo manage to implement the whole new bold design on the S60. Getting away from the more safe design with the previous version of S60, it seems like the New Volvo S60 exterior and interior has been detailed and studied. The new coupe-ish roof line align all the way to the rear tail lights, presenting a sleek roofline for the car. Volvo did a brave move to turn the S60 to be naughty yet retaining the safe and luxury look.  The spilt headlamps ( like the Merc E-class) and a slide of the lights as the eye lid gives the Volvo S60 a whole new personality. The Volvo S60 is also fitted  aluminium like kits and rear diffuser to enhance the sportiness.  Not to forget the boot lid. The Volvo S60 T6 model is fitted with 18″ wheels with 235/40R profile , while the 2.0L T5 model is fitted with 17″ wheels with 215/50R profile tyres.


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The Volvo S60 has implement a safety feature call Pedestrian Detection, the system basically are able to detect if there’s people walk on to the driveway and automatically brakes the car to complete stop if the driver does not react on time . If the Volvo S60 travelling speed is more than 35km/h, the S60 will do it;s best to reduce speed to minimal. Watch the Video Above for the demonstration. This is the world’s first production car to have this feature in place.


Along side with the Pedestrian Detection , Volvo’s City Safety also comes in place where by if the car infront of you is stop or slow down suddenly, the Volvo S60 is able to reduce to speed automatically with it’s detection system or yet again to complete full stop.



There’s also another feature ironically useful for Malaysians – Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist. Basically allows the driver to sets the gap between to any vehicle/object infront, always maintaining a distance that the driver desire. This is perfect for Malaysian traffic jam where driver just need to steer the steering and let the car do the queue.

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If you notice, from the above set of photos, cameras and sensors are everywhere on the Volvo S60. Other high-tech safety features included are,

  • Collision Warning with Auto Brake (CWAB) – warns and automatically brakes if the car risks hitting another vehicle from behind
  • Driver Alert Control (DAC) – detects and alerts tired and distracted drivers
  • Lane Departure Warning – alerts the driver if the car runs across the lane markers without the turn indicator being used
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) – detects vehicles in the offset rear blind spot on both sides


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The new Volvo S60 interior is something that we can’t missed too, navigation and infotainment system is display in the 7″ colour LCD screen in the centre of the console. Integrated buttons of the screen wheel allows driver to control the infotainment system. The 7″ LCD also enables the driver to activate the cars front or side cameras. The car also features a push start button and keyless entry. The quality of the interior is solid and very well built much like other continental cars. Specially for the Volvo S60 T6 model, there’s also a premium sound system with class-D digital 5x130W amplifier, Dolby Digital in combination with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround produces by 12 speakers. Volvo S60 also provides ample space comfortably  for rear passenger and boot space


Our verdict to the all-new Volvo S60 – superb handling, quick, high-tech and safe. Volvo has done a huge improvement  on this S60. Definitely a worth package for someone that wants some fun with a 4-door up market sedan. For those who can afford it, the 3.0L T6 S60 goes for RM348000 while 2.0L T5 sells for RM288000 , do put the all-new Volvo S60 into your consideration list when you plan to buy a car within that range.


Lastly, check out the 2 naughty all-new Volvo S60 doing some great driving, driven by 2 professional drivers.