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Mercedes-Benz B55 with big V8 performing a burnout


5573  630xfloat= 01 b55 Mercedes Benz B55 with big V8 performing a burnout

As what we understood, the Mercedes-Benz B55 was developed by a handful of trainees at Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt, Germany. The Plant Manager Peter Wesp selected a 5.5-litre 388hp V8 engine that similar to the engine fitted on E550 into the B-Class. Above and beyond, the team inherited the rear axle from W212 2010 E-Class, front brakes from C32 AMG and fitted a set of 18-inch wheels from AMG.


5578  630xfloat= 06 b55 Mercedes Benz B55 with big V8 performing a burnout

Fascinatingly, this small car successfully turned up to be a powerful beast. The exhaust note on the B55 has an obvious V8 sound and the car is capable a sprint to 100km/h below 6 seconds.


Since this little car is created using big V8 and rear-wheel drive, it is more than capable to perform a burnout. Interested to watch? Check out the video after the jump.



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