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Kia Forte Sport Edition


Kia Forte or rather Naza Kia Forte will launch a Sport edition of the Korean mid-size sedan car. This spec-up Naza Kia Forte spotted in Naza Mall in Petaling Jaya recently.

5847  630xfloat=center img 1132 Kia Forte Sport Edition

This probably as the top of the spec Naza Kia forte is tagged with a emblem as Sport Edition on the boot. The Kia Forte Sport Edition has full bodykit integrate with spiltter. Overall the bodykit reminds us of the Honda Civic Type R.

5851  630xfloat=center img 1139 Kia Forte Sport Edition

Few the recently hype of the 6-speed Kia Forte going on sale, it is said to be the pricing of this Kia Forte Sport Edition will cost an additional of an unconfirmed price within RM10,000. A huge price tag to pay over a standard Naza Kia Forte.

5855  630xfloat=center img 1150 Kia Forte Sport Edition


As we inspected the car these are the following items that we notice will come along with it,


-Front Bodykit

-Back Bodykit


-Big Spoiler

-Sportier Grille

-LCD Entertainment System

-New Design Leather Seats

-New Design Leather wrapped door panel

-Carbon Fibre Stickers on the door trim

-Blue LED side step

-Blue LED interior lightings


Check out the shots below for more detail on the Kia Forte Sport Edition!