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Honda CR-Z Turbo Production Soon


Honda CR-Z that we saw in KLIMS 2010 is said to be sporty got the motoring media abit turned off, with just mere 122bhp produce by the 1.5 liter engine and the electric motor – we probably choose the VW Golf 1.4 TSI anytime over it. However it does has some eco friendly points.

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For those who are us, that like to Fast Motoring with a Honda CR-Z on the streets will he glad to hear this. There’s some report online claim that the high performance turbo version of Honda CR-Z turbo is being hurried in production status. With this our hope remains, the expected Honda CR-Z turbo will likely to have 160hp and 200hp version.

5837  630xfloat=center 05 hybrid r Honda CR Z Turbo Production Soon

Some say we will see the Honda CR-Z Hybrid R version as attached here. As the photo shown here are with scoop on the bonnet, will there be a Honda CR-Z Hybrid Turbo? Namely Hybrid R as per what you see? or will it be a pure performance engine with an efficient turbo setup? Somehow, we’re guessed that Honda heard the motoring media shout outs that this Honda CR-Z needs a more powerful heart under the hood.