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Honda Civic FN2 Type-R Discontinued in most of Europe due to Emission Regulation

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In last April 2010, Honda Japan announced on discontinuing the legendary Honda Civic FD2 Type-R due to the gas-guzzling sports car which is difficult to respond to the emission regulation in Japan. A couple of days later after Honda Japan announcement, Honda Malaysia announced the same thing to the local media since the local Type-R is fully-imported from Japan.

Yesterday, Honda Europe has announced that sales of the Civic FN2 Type-R throughout most of the Continent will cease by the end of 2010. The K20A engine that fitted on the FN2 Type-R doesn’t meet the new Euro-5 emissions standards which apply throughout the European Union.

The FN2 Type-R is only produced at Honda’s Swindon factory in the UK and production will continue for other markets including Japan. After discontinued the JDM FD2 Type-R in Japan, the FN2 Type-R went on sale earlier this year in Japan as replacement. Likely, the Type-R with K20A engine will be a legendary collection in near future.

In Australia, due to local lax emissions laws the Honda Civic Type R has been given the all clear to be sold in Australia as currently remained at the Euro-4 emissions standards.

Photo Gallery: Honda Civic FN2 Type R

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