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Ford Fiesta WRC Ken Block’s Edition


While Ford Malaysia is busy having road show across Malaysia to promote the Ford Fiesta. Ford US has made collaboration with the Ken Block (famous for his Gymkhana drifting session with his old sponsor- Subaru) to promote the Ford Fiesta in Ken Block’s way.

[singlepic id=3572 w=630 h= float=center]

The Fiesta, tuned with rally specification and with Ken Block is set to challenge  the ESPN X Games. The Official debut of the rally ready Fiesta was actually last week – 29 July. With that, Ford Rally America and Ken Block came up with a new video advertisement to promote their rally Fiesta. Instead of the usual boring commercial, Ford with Ken’s help uses his Ford Fiesta WRC rally car to do some sideways and did some household chores. It is Ford’s hope to let consumer to experience the Fiesta and let the consumer feel what can the little Fiesta can do.  Enjoy the the video and some photos of the Ford Fiesta WRC Ken Block Edition.

I sure hope that some hardcore Malaysian Ford Fiesta enthusiasts do up their Ford Fiesta, maybe not the performance, for the looks perhaps ? – love the huge spoiler and the wide bodykit!

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