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BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X for Ron 95 and 97


BHPetrol Malaysia has come out with 2 new petrol variant, and obviously claims to be better. Both petrol as sold as the same price as of the Malaysia’s market rate which, Rm1.85/litre for the Ron 95 version and Rm2.10/litre for the Ron 97 version. BHPetrol has added a new formulation, which they would like to call it Advanced Additive Compound(AAC) which is by adding a maximum additive volume of 800 parts per million (ppm).  Now, BHP Petrol actually bought the additive from a German company, and it was said that BHPetrol is giving us double of what the German Additive company recommended them. I guess that’s why BHPetrol is dare enough to put 3 big words to brand their product “Infiniti – Advanced – 2times”.

The added additive its a fully synthetic type, and other mixtures making it a engine cleaning, and minimizing friction inside your engine combustion area thus this brings better protection for your engine, better performance and most of all better fuel economy.

In order to see how much does all these mixture improved over a normal petrol. BHPetrol actually sends its new fuel with the new additive back to Germany for an independent Fuel testing company which follows the strict European standards. The new BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X fuels are tested for it’s cleaning performance using a Mercedes-Benz engine. With the result back from Germany shows ( refer the above chart),  when compare to a non additive petrol it is 94% “cleaner” with only 3mg/valve of deposits. To tell you in normal terms, a normal car engine tends to lose power gradually as we drive, one of the reason to this is actually the “dirts” left inside your engine after the combustion. With this greater cleaning power in BHPetrol’s fuel, this will help to clean the engine throughout the engine’s lifespan. Again, on top of that, other functions with the combination of this brilliant recipe, the new fuel should give you improve fuel efficiency and improve performance.

The fuel also serve as a anti-rust function for your fuel pipes and tanks so that the rust particles will not be deliver to your engine.  How will this compare to the Shell V-Power 97 fuel launch 2 months back? We will leave it to you to be BHPetrol’s final and most crucial testers – the consumers. There’s also a promotion going on for those who like to try out the new BHPetorl Infiniti Advanced2x Ron95 and 97 fuels. With a minimum purchase or RM30 of BHPetrol Ron95 or Ron97 will be entitle to have a chance to win a all-new Mercedes-Benz C200 CGI Elegance and other over 700 prizes.