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Clarkson took the new BMW Z4 against the Nissan 370Z in Top Gear


If you are regular in our blog, we had covered you on the BMW Z4 launch in Kuala Lumpur. Well to be frank, we do not have the chance to test drive wildly and review the car like Jeremy Clarkson. So, we can’t give any solid comment and comparisons between the Z4 and its range except for some brief comments.

In the latest episode of Top Gear UK, Z4 is reviewed to be softer, heavier and more stylish than its predecessor, while the 370Z is harder, lighter and more fancy exterior than 350Z. The 370Z is a coupe and the Z4 has a stow-able aluminum roof. The BMW is a genuine luxury car offering, while the 370Z is more like a Japanese’s Porsche.

However, the two vehicles having similar overall dimensions and performance. Top Gear took this two coupes against each another on the test track. Well, its obviously the Japanese’s Porsche have the better lap time compare to the Z4 which is more focused on luxury and styling.

Check out the video by Jeremy Clarkson that comparing the new BMW Z4 against the

Nissan 370Z from this week Top Gear UK.