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Nissan 370Z Z34 Coupe Test Drive Review in Malaysia


If you are shopping for a NEW high performance rear-wheel-drive two-seat coupe right now, there’s no need to wait for the pay off, and I’ll tell you now the new Nissan 370Z Coupe is still a performance car bargain in Malaysia.


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You would have to spend almost double its price on another car like Porsche Cayman or BMW 135i Coupe to get close to its performance but possibly not as fun as the 370Z. Anyway, I am privileged enough to get this Japanese muscle car to be my weekend usher. Thus, I am here to confirmed that the new 370Z is a great deal at its class. As bonus, this car does attract attention from street pedestrian as well as modified BMW 135i on the road.


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The natural-aspirated 3.7-litre V6 (VQ37VHR) engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) outputs a max power of 333PS @ 7,000rpm with a peak torque of 363Nm comes in at a high 5,200rpm. The VHR standing for Very High Revving, the variable-timing lump is redlined at a teeth-jangling 7,500rpm. Basically, the engine is designed to allow the drivers to drive this car as hard as he can, just like VTEC on the Civic Type R.


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In Malaysia, Edaran Tan Chong Motor offers the 370Z coupe in option of 6-speed manual transmission with SynchroRev Match mode or 7-speed automatic transmission. Since manual transmission is always my cup of coffee throughout my vehicle ownership background, I am fortunate to evaluate this car in 6-speed manual. Bluntly, this car feels fast enough to keep a Porsche’s 911 Carrera and no pressure to whip the entry-level Porsche’s Cayman. I managed to clock the best sprint from 0-100km/h at 5.0 seconds.


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The 370Z is the replacement model for the 350Z more than two years ago. The 370Z has a 3.9-inch shorter wheelbase and is 2.7 inches shorter overall than the 350Z. It also has a rear track that’s 2.2 inches wider. A short wheelbase will have a smaller turning circle, which makes the 370Z more manoeuvrable than 350Z (370Z: 5.2m ; 350Z: 5.4m).


According to Nissan, the 370Z’s suspension is designed to be 30% stiffer than its predecessor and also 50kg lighter. With the improvement, the car does a better job when diving into corners at high speed and everything gets less shaken around. Incredibly, the ride comfort is never compromise. It is stable and you can barely feel the speed of the car.


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The Nissan 370Z coupe comes standard with a set of 19-inch RAYS 5-spoke forged alloy wheels. The front wheels are wrapped with 245/40R19 and wider 275/35R19 tyres on the rear wheels. Braking performance is also superb with all ventilated disc and 4-piston aluminium brake callipers plus ABS, EBD and BA. The crucial Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) is also a standard feature. We recommend the VDC to be activated at all time except you are sure on what you are doing. 


Since the 370Z that I received comes with 6-speed manual, the newly added world’s first ‘Synchro Rev Control’ is a key element to the car. When the S-mode is activated, this feature will helps to flatter driving skills by automatically blipping the throttle when you downshift to match the revs with road speed. This feature help keeping the car calm through the corners. In short, the heel-and-toe gear shifting is now automated. Based on my tracking experience, I can assure this feature will absolutely works perfectly on the race track. On the open road, I preferred it to be deactivated.


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I have no complaints whatsoever about the handling on the new 370Z, though. It works so much better than the 350Z. The understeer issue on the 350Z has been greatly improved, and the power oversteer is still readily available for a little naughty driving especially on taking corners. Once traction off, turn-in, get on the power, feel the weight and turn-out with full throttle. It is amazing with this 370Z!


As of now, there is no reported lap time for this fairlady at Sepang circuit after ‘Goggling’. I am surprised the new 370Z much neglected by car enthusiast for its track performance. In fact, I wouldn’t mind owning a 370Z as a track car.


On the other hand, the price of the 370Z is just right at its spot but the annual road tax for the 3.7-litre capacity engine in Peninsular Malaysia is another matter. The 370Z Coupe is selling at RM370,018.45 on-the-road with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia for private registration.


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The centre-mounted meter clusters show the time, battery voltage and engine oil temperature.  The sports seats are supportive and comfortable as well.


Edaran Tan Chong Motor offers the 370Z coupe with option of 3 exterior colours – Diamond Black (Pearl), Brilliant White Pearl (3-coat pearl) and Blade Silver (Metallic) and 2 interior trim colours – Persimmon Orange and Black in leather.


During my weekend test drive, I managed to get an average fuel consumption of 14.6-litre/100km for cruising on the highway plus a fair share of spirited driving and traffic light sprints. Based on the factory specification, the car claimed to consume 10.5-litre/100km. Anyway, the figure shows the fuel efficiency isn’t that attractive.


Besides, if I own the new 370Z, I will consider fully unleash the rhythm of the massive V6 engine by opting for an aftermarket exhaust system, as the stock exhaust system doesn’t sound overwhelming to me on the high rpm range.


Since the Nissan GT-R supercar is never introduced through the official channel in Malaysia. Hence, the Nissan 370Z will be the fastest flagship sports car that you can get officially from Nissan via Edaran Tan Chong Motor in Malaysia. Likewise, all the new 370Z from ETCM comes with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty as standard.


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In conclusion, the Nissan 370Z is a great car to spend time with, real fun and greatly improved from the 350Z. In addition, I judged the 370Z is more practical than the Porsche Cayman if you chosen not to be Germanized.


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