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Sunday, September 21, 2014
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UMW Toyota Motor Recalls 2 units of Toyota Prius in Malaysia

Today, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has announced a safety recall campaign of 2.7 million cars worldwide due to problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump.



As part of our duty, we have confirmed with UMW Toyota Motor regarding this matter. Accordingly, UMW Toyota Motor has received confirmation from its principal in Japan regarding this recall.


Precisely, only 2 units of 2nd generation Toyota Prius sold by UMW Toyota Motor in Malaysia are affected. None of the 3rd generation Toyota Prius (which currently selling) are affected in this campaign. UMW Toyota Motor will contact the two ‘unlucky’ customers to get the issues fixed. In addition, no other Toyota and Lexus models are affected by this campaign.

Toyota Cars Named ‘Most Successful Cars of 2012′

If you are one of the Toyota fans, there is good news for you. A total of 4 Toyota vehicles – Camry, Corolla, Prius and RAV4 have been listed among the most successful cars of 2012 by the influential Forbes group.


2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid


The cars were chosen by the US-based Forbes Group for their sales, consumer satisfaction and performance, reliability, safety and value. More cars from Toyota made the list than from any other brand. In addition, the Lexus LS added to the dominance of the Toyota group on this year’s list. Toyota Camry has been the best-selling passenger car in the US for the past 10 years in a row and 14 of the past 15 years.

Toyota Prius V Launched in Australia

In the land down under, Toyota Australia has just expanded the iconic Prius into a family of vehicles with the arrival of the seven-seat Prius V.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


The ‘V’ stands for Versatility. It is also the first car in Australia to offer customers the flexibility of seven seats combined with a hybrid powertrain. From now in Australia, the Prius available in 3 models – the flagship Prius hatch, Prius C and latest Prius V.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


Newly designed from the ground up, Prius V is longer, wider and taller than a standard Prius with an extended wheelbase, making it possible to accommodate adults in all three rows.


The adoption of three-row seating has been achieved by the installation of a highly compact, space-saving lithium-ion battery pack which placed under the centre console between the front seats. It is the first lithium-ion battery to be fitted to a Toyota sold in Australia.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


Prius V will be priced from AUD 35,990 with advanced features including a 6.1-inch display-screen audio system, automatic air-conditioning, 16-inch alloy wheels, energy monitor, head-up display, keyless entry and ignition, daytime-sensing headlamps, electric power steering, cruise control and daytime running lamps.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


Seven airbags, a reversing camera, hill-start assist, stability and traction control, and anti-skid brakes with brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution are standard.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


Prius V showcases the latest generation of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain, which employs a 1.8-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine and a powerful 60kW electric motor for a combined system output of 100kW. The fuel economy wise, Prius V returns class-leading fuel economy of 4.4 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 101g/km.


Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Matthew Callachor said Prius V will hold a unique position in the Toyota line-up as well as the industry.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


“Prius V will compete in multiple segments with its combination of size, versatility and fuel efficiency in a mid-size package,” Mr Callachor said.


“We see Prius V as an alternative to small or mid-size sedans and wagons as well as compact SUVs and crossover vehicles – with fuel economy few of them can match,” he said.


“With the added cargo space, the Prius V might also make an ideal light delivery vehicle for florists and small-package delivery services.


“With all its useable interior space and convenience, as well as its competitive price, performance and fuel economy, Prius V will present a compelling choice for buyers,” Mr Callachor said.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


The new car’s seven-seat format features three independent sliding, reclining and split-folding second-row seats and a 50:50 split-folding third tier, providing a huge range of seating and cargo-carrying combinations. Each row of seats is raised slightly above the one in front, providing clear forward visibility for all occupants while maintaining ample head clearance and legroom throughout. In addition, the Prius V provides 180 litres of cargo space. Stowing the third row of seats provides a flat luggage floor with a capacity of 485 litres.


2012 Toyota Prius V Australia


Just like the Prius, there are three “on-demand” drive modes to increase the capabilities of the full hybrid powertrain – EV, Eco and Power.


The new Toyota Prius V, like all new Toyota vehicles, is covered by Toyota Service Advantage with a capped price of AUD 130 for each of up to six scheduled logbook services in the first three years or 60,000km.


Photo Gallery: Toyota Prius V Australia



Toyota’s Global Hybrid Sales Have Passed Four Million

According to Toyota today, Toyota’s sales of hybrid vehicles have passed the four-million mark globally. The milestone, which includes Lexus hybrids, was achieved in late April with the latest million being sold in just 14 months.  Moreover, the Prius family contributing more than 2.8 million units.


Global demand for Toyota’s hybrid vehicles is accelerating rapidly with more than 425,000 sold in the first four months of 2012 – more than two-thirds of last year’s total. So far this year, hybrid vehicles have accounted for 15 per cent of Toyota’s global vehicles sales. This puts Toyota on track to sell more than one million hybrid vehicles in a year for the first time in its history.



Toyota in Japan calculates that its worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles since 1997 have contributed greatly to the reduction of CO2 emissions which are considered to be a cause of global warning.


It says those vehicles have generated approximately 26 million fewer tons* of CO2 than would have been produced by petrol-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance.


After releasing its first hybrid vehicles in Japan in 1997, Toyota took almost 10 years to post the first one million sales.  The second million was sold in two years and three months, and the third million in just 18 months. The third million milestone was reached in February last year.


*Toyota Motor Corporation calculation based on the number of registered vehicles x distance travelled x fuel costs (actually fuel efficiency in each country) x C02 conversion factor.

Toyota to Make Hybrid Drivetrain Components Outside Japan in 4 Years

Currently, Toyota sources batteries, inverters and motors solely from their home country in Japan for all its hybrid vehicles, including the most popular Toyota Prius.



After the Massive Japan Earthquake & Tsunami, it has shown the vulnerability of the decision to put all of your eggs in one basket by most of the Japanese Automakers.


As a result, Toyota aims to make hybrid drivetrain components in the United States and elsewhere overseas within 4 years.


“Right now, hybrid component production is too biased toward Japan,” Shinichi Sasaki, Toyota’s executive vice president in charge of global purchasing, told Automotive News in North America.


He said the new strategy calls for making the components at global production centres that will ship the parts to hybrid vehicle assembly plants worldwide. The components likely would be built in North America and other markets such as Southeast Asia and China, he predicted.


Photo Gallery: Toyota Hybrids