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Toyota Prius Added Engine Sound

With accidents said to cause by the Toyota Prius being too quiet that pedestrians are not aware of there is actually a car near them. Toyota has come out with a solution for it. Yesterday, Toyota announced in Toyota City, Japan that from 30th August, Prius owner are able to purchase a device that stimulate the engine sound outside the ...

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Hybrid Vs Diesel – Here goes the BMW Mini Cooper Diesel Vs Toyota Prius

Automakers are introducing a number of different solutions for cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles. In Australia, there is a war of words over title of greenest car back in 2009. Every automaker is trying to share the mantle of the country’s most fuel-efficient car as part of their marketing effort. The new Toyota Prius with 1.8L engine has joined ...

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Toyota Prius 3rd Gen. review by Fifth Gear

Before the lauching of Toyota Prius on our roads, and while other automakers have yet to even develop a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, Toyota is already on its third generation of the Prius. This four-door hybrid has become a hit with consumers because of its stunning fuel economy, uncompromised driving pleasure and acceleration performance. With the redesigned third-generation, Toyota has fixed ...

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Toyota Prius Hybrid Likely To Be Sold In Malaysia

The picture of the above Toyota Prius is taken close to the Toyota HQ in Shah Alam by FastMotoring crew. There is no solid news to the media whether or not the Toyota Prius will be officially introduced. However, from the sign and signal been seeing the Toyota Prius driving around in Shah Alam for testing and evaluation. I think ...

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2010 Toyota Prius hit high demand in Japan

Toyota Prius hit a Higher-than-expected demand in Japan. To response to it, Toyota ramp up production of its third-generation Prius Hybrid. Toyota spokesman Hideaki Homma, told Bloomberg news in early June this year that the company has increased production to 50,000 Prius hybrids a month at its Tsutsumi factory and Toyota Auto Body Co.’s Fujimatsu plant. The 2010 Prius was ...

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