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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Mugen Honda Freed

As Honda Freed just recently launch in Malaysia. Mugen as a tuner  for nearly all Honda cars has actually tuned the Honda Freed with some visual-cosmetic upgrade and some of the performance accessories.

Mugen Honda Freed Wallpaper

By equipping the full bodykit to the Honda Freed, with some Mugen badge all around – certainly the Honda Freed looks more sporty than standard.

Mugen Freed exhaust Mugen Freed Tail pipe

The Mugen Freed is can be equipped with dual exhaust as an optional setup for the rear skirt. Something i didn’t expect from Mugen is that the one of the tailpipe  is actually a cosmetic one which is not connected to the exhaust system rather something just to look more sporty.

Freed Spoiler Mugen Freed Side Skirt

The Mugen Freed spoiler and sideskirt. Much like the Mugen Jazz.

Mugen Freed Grille Mugen Freed Front Skirt

The front grille which is similar from the one in Mugen Honda Odyssey and front skirt with air vents.

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Honda Freed Test Drive Review in Malaysia

Honda Freed was initially unveiled in Tokyo back in 2008 as Japanese Domestic Model (JDM). The Freed is obviously a compact minivan and the car was built based on the latest Jazz /City platform. In Malaysia, Honda Malaysia brought in the 7 seaters version which features captain’s seats in the middle row. That’s why the car is driven heavily by the theme of 4 Seaters + Style before launching. While the Freed retains the same width as the Jazz at 1,695 mm, it’s longer (4,215 mm vs 3,900 mm), higher (1,735 mm vs 1,525 mm) and it also features an extended wheelbase measuring 2,740 mm in length (vs 2,500 mm).


Honda Freed Test Drive


It is dull to compare this with the JDM breed like Toyota Alphard, Toyota Estima, Nissan Elgrand, Honda Stepwagon or even Honda Elysion. It is more dim-witted to compare it with Nissan Grand Livina or Toyota Innova. Let her be alone and give Honda Freed a space of her own. Personally, I can feel that Honda is creating its own segment and filling this vehicle into a position for young family that wants a balance from stylish, affordability and a zippy compact MPV that you can found it in the Japanese Catalogue.


Honda Freed Malaysia Launch


Furthermore, some may say MPV is built from an ugly box shape design. But I felt that MPV looks so good with its aero-kit and bigger diameter wheels. I would say that the market trends have changed over time comparing to the last decade. Peoples want practical and usability instead of style without practicability.


Honda Frede Triangle and Box Compare


The revolution for Asean market starts on 21st March 2009, PT Honda Prospect Motor have begun production and launched the Freed in Indonesia as second country after introduced to Japan. Not to be surprise, the Honda Freed that built for Asean market is higher by 20mm compare the JDM model. The reason behind probably due to the road condition at the emerging countries.


Honda Freed Testdrive


The Freed that assembled in Honda’s Karawang Plant are equipped with L15A 1.5 Litre Engine that churn-out a solid 118ps @ 6,600rpm and torque of 146Nm @ 4,800rpm.


Honda Freed Malaysia Launch


It is a similar engine compare to Honda Jazz/City but retuned for lower octane fuel to suits the emerging countries fuel grades. Comparing to the JDM, the Indonesian Freed is mated with 5-speed Automatic Transmission instead of 7-speed CVT like the Jazz/City. Before I forget to mentioned, one of our readers wanted to find out tyre size of the Honda Freed. For your info, the mini-van is fitted with 185/65 R15 wheels.


Honda Freed Malaysia Launch


There is only 1 standard model for Honda Freed in Malaysia. The mini-van comes with Power Sliding Door & Dual SRS Airbags. Both model having Front Ventilated Disc Brake and Rear Drum Brake with 15 inch alloy wheels (185/65R15). Don’t turn down by the rear drum brake system. I realise in local market, there are a lot of motorists are very particular on this. If you realise, the previous model of Honda Jazz 1.5 VTEC for the local market is fitted with rear discs while the JDM is maintained with drum. The reason behind for such a small vehicle, the rear drum is able to deliver what it suppose for the rear braking system and overall the mini-van braking power is agreeable too.



To bring you further with the experience of Honda Freed, we have put the Honda Freed on the road test…
Overall, the mini-van is a car that is easy to drive in town. Thanks to the Electric Power Steering System! The car is zippy and the steering wheel is so light which makes turning effortless. The 5.2m small turning radius makes it easy for the Freed to maneuver on narrow roads and easy to park.


Don’t expect too much power from a 1.5 engine when it pulling a 1,355kg mini-van. I would say the engine performance is average and delivering what it supposes. To prove this well, we put in a stand-still test.



The car takes 0-100km/h in 14 seconds with 3 passengers + a driver on-board. That could be a bad part as I think it is a bit slow and it could be better off with the 1.8 i-VTEC (R18A) engine instead. But the good part is about the fuel efficiency, I was advised by Honda Malaysia that the car is even more fuel efficient than Honda City.  The engine is tuned efficiently particularly for this purpose as mini-van.


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Honda Freed Malaysia Official Media Launch on 22 April 2010

Honda Freed Malaysia Launch

Honda Freed has finally launched in Malaysia. We’re invited to the Launch of Honda Freed today at KL Hilton. We would like to take this opportunity to share our experience to Honda Freed launch by Honda Malaysia.

Honda Freed Malaysia Launch

We registered for our media passes and headed for some refreshments provided by Honda Malaysia. We were also given some of the Honda Freed Brochure and Official Media Kit.

Honda Freed Malaysia Launch

The event started with the speeches and presentations by the key personnel of Honda & Honda Malaysia. Picture above shown is Mr. Toru Takahashi – Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia.



The above clip was shown during the event as part of Honda Malaysia before showing the Honda Freed. The clips show an idea of how Honda Freed was design.



About 11.30am Honda Malaysia finally unveiled the All-New Honda Freed. Cameras and flashes, music – everyone was busy taking their best shot for Honda Freed.



(Left) Mr. Toru Takahashi – Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia,  (Right) Mr. Isao Ando – Project Leader of Honda Freed

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Honda Freed the 4 SEATER + STYLE Review

Honda Freed Malaysia Launch

The much-awaited Honda’s premium compact MPV has finally launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010. Don’t be confused by its marketing theme of 4 Plus Ideas. The car is not for 4 passengers with 4 seaters. The seats arrangement for the car is 2 + 2 + 3. Hence, it is for 7 passengers. The All-New Freed is targeted at young professional with family. The third row of passenger seats can be converted into additional cargo space to meet endless possibilities and needs of its occupants.


The foldable back seat of Honda Freed with video demo.


The All-New Freed incorporates with dual automatic sliding doors with remote, flat floor design and a walk-through cabin. This compact MPV makes me felt that the car is like mini-Toyota Estima. There is ample storage space, including centre tray, glove compartment, door pockets, backseat hook and 7 cup holders spread out all around the car. Honda claimed that the car was actually designed based on the concept of cafeteria which allowing the passengers enjoy the ride comfortably like sitting at a cafe and enjoying a drink.

Power Sliding Doors Switches & Remote Control

Honda Freed Malaysia Launch

Power sliding doors can be open from a remote controller or from the driver seat.


Power sliding doors are implement to the Honda Freed for easy access with tight parking space.


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Malaysia Honda Freed Spotted, Prepare to Launch tomorrow 22nd April

Updates 22 April 2010 : Honda Freed Officially Launched

Honda Freed Malaysia

Honda Malaysia is preparing the Honda Freed for launching tomorrow. This morning I spotted a trailer on Federal Highway, I was excited to see Honda Freed on the upper deck of the trailer. I was even more excited to see Honda Freed in Malaysia available in white!

Honda Freed Rim

Honda Freed was again on Federal Highway, as we know with slow traffic in Federal Highway – took me quite awhile to get near the trailer and took the photos. As we can see from the photo, things we can notice we are getting the same 6-spoke rim from other countries. Dunlop tyres are  fitted in Malaysia version of Honda Freed.

With the sticker on the car saying “Joy of Driving”, i guess Honda Malaysia is promoting with joy of driving on Honda Mini MPV – Honda Freed.

Honda Freed White

As it’s on the upper deck, I was unable to take the Honda Freed front photo. Transporting along with Honda City and others Honda vehicle on the lower deck, I guess it’s preparing for the official launch tomorrow. If you are interested on Honda Freed, be sure to check out the Freed on most of your local showrooms tomorrow morning

If you are eager to know more about Honda Freed in Malaysia, be sure to check our previous post of masked Honda Freed on the road. We will be also doing a review tomorrow on Honda Freed.