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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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12-year old wins a brand new XC60 with hole-in-one

At the recent 40th RSGC Ladies Amateur Open Championship, held at the Royal Selangor Golf Club, Natasha Oon, a 12-year old golfer, became the envy of everyone when she won a brand new Volvo XC60 T5 worth RM288,888 by notching a hole-in-one on the first day of the Championship!


A delighted Oon quipped, “I didn’t realise that I scored a hole-in-one. Honestly, I was just trying to do my best (in the Championship).”

What happened next was nothing short of adorable – Oon brought her mother, Yenni Hasnawi, to the XC60 T5 on display and said, “this is the car that you will use to drive me to school every day.”

Oon’s hole-in-one is a remarkable feat that was only achieved at this particular Championship, a good 15 years ago.

The hole-in-one prize was sponsored by Volvo Car Malaysia’s authorised dealer, Federal Auto Cars.

The XC60 T5 is powered by the 4-cylinder Drive-E engine which produces 245hp at 5,500rpm and a maximum torque 350Nm at 1,500-4,800rpm. Whilst the engine offers greater output than the previous generation, it still retains class-leading fuel consumption figures for petrol engines in the segment and improved CO2 emissions at a 157g/km.

Available from RM288,888, the XC60 T5 showcases a new hood shape and chrome bar grille which emphasizes the car’s width, together with prominent horizontal lines that will visually connect the car to the road. The tailpipes are now integrated with the diffuser and act as a visual.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme

What happens when you bring together a martial arts action hero with the engineer behind Volvo’s new steering?

Spot on! In this YouTube video, Volvo Trucks confidently demonstrated the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS). The swedish truck company get Jean-Claude Van Damme to carry out his famous split between two reversing Volvo’s trucks.

Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

Of course, this stunt is never done before and Van Damme says it’s the most epic of splits. This video is filmed in Spain on a closed-off airfield at sunrise in one take. Enjoy the video and don’t do this at home!!

Malaysia Participates in Volvo Trucks Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Championship 2013 in Australia

The winner of Volvo Trucks Malaysia’s Fuelwatch Challenge 2013, Zamri bin Abd Rahman of Konsortium Logistic Bhd, Shah Alam, represented Malaysia at the Volvo Trucks Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Championship 2013 that was held near Brisbane, Australia, on 22 and 23 October recently.

Image 5 copy

In July, Zamri bin Abd Rahman defeated close to 500 other Malaysian truckers to clinch the national top spot when he achieved the lowest fuel consumption recording of just 1 litre for 4.07 kilometres in a 40-kilometre drive challenge.

“I have never thought that I would be representing Malaysia in an international driving challenge like this prior to taking part in the Volvo Trucks Malaysia Fuelwatch Challenge 2013. It was very exciting and the experience has taught me many useful fuel saving tips,” said Zamri bin Abd Rahman.

Image 3

He added, “I would like to thank Volvo Trucks and my employer Konsortium Logistic Bhd for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I look forward to applying the knowledge about safety and fuel saving driving techniques which I have learned into my daily job.  It was also interesting to be able to meet the winners from other countries and to exchange tips.”

A total of 13 drivers had been invited by Volvo Trucks Asia Oceania to the Mount Cotton Training Centre, a 30 minutes drive away from Brisbane. Prior to this international final, the contestants had qualified through winning the national Fuelwatch competitions in their respective countries. As a result truck drivers from Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand were present. Whereas for Sri Lanka and New Zealand it was the first time ever participating in Fuelwatch, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia had come with two drivers each, as their countries also competed in the connected off-road competition.

Image 1

On the first day of the event, Volvo Trucks conducted a training session in order to prepare the drivers for the following competition day. However, it was not so much about imparting new knowledge, but rather about refreshing what every Volvo Trucks driver learns in the training that is part of the hand-over, when purchasing a Volvo truck.

Mats Nilsson, Managing Director of Volvo Group Malaysia commented, “Fuelwatch demonstrates Volvo Trucks’ continuous effort in raising awareness and imparting skills on fuel efficiency and sustainable driving behaviour on the road”

“We offer more than just trucks although that is naturally the heart of our business. The best trucks deserve the best drivers. That’s why we invest vast efforts into driver development, providing training in order to get the most out of the truck: maximum efficiency at maximum safety. That way we can create real value for our customers.” added Mats.

And indeed, the next day should see a competition on a very high level. Having come out on top in the prior national competitions, every single contestant naturally wanted to reach for the ultimate and return to his homecountry as freshly awarded Asia Pacific Fuelwatch champion. However, as with every competition, only one can win.

In the end it was Australia’s Grant Morice who showed the strongest nerves, delivering the most fuel efficient rounds on the 5.8 km long on-road course, driving the New Volvo FH16 6×4 with a gross combination weight of 40 tons. And at the off-road site, on a 4.2 km long circuit over rough terrain, it was Youngki Park from Korea who managed to save the most fuel with the competition truck: a Volvo FMX 8X4 (gross vehicle weight: 21 tons).

Grant Morice and Youngki Park will be able to get an even earlier opportunity for a first-hand impression of the homecountry of Volvo Trucks. Their prize for winning the on- respectively off-road competition of the Fuelwatch Asia Pacific Championship 2013 is a trip to Sweden.

If looking at the different levels of fuel consumption, measured during the on-road final among the 10 contestants, it gets clear what difference a driver can make when it comes to a truck’s total operating costs: Compared to the last-placed driver, the first-ranked Grant Morice achieved an impressive 34 percent less in fuel consumption, which illustrates the cost saving potentials – purely through the driver’s performance.

“We know how important fuel efficiency is to our customers’ business”, stated Christophe Martin, President of Volvo Group Trucks in Asia Oceania. “With Fuelwatch we address this need, and show how the right driving habits can dramatically lower the fuel consumption of a truck, and hence save costs. Therefore Fuelwatch is not just a competition, but rather a competence development effort. It benefits the drivers by improving their skills, it benefits our customers by contributing to their bottom line, and it also benefits the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint. That’s why with Fuelwatch everyone is a winner!”

The new Volvo Drive-E powertrain family – world-leading engine output versus CO2 emissions

Volvo Car Group’s introduced the new 2.0-litres 4 cylinders Drive-E powertrain with a world-class blend of drivability and low CO2 emissions.

The Volvo S60 T6 with 306 horsepower and the new 8-speed automatic is the first car in this segment that delivers over two horsepower per gram CO2 from a combustion engine only and the D4 with 181 horsepower and manual gearbox is the first diesel car on this power level in the premium D-segment with CO2 emissions under 100 g/km. 

Volvo S60 T6

“During the development phase of our Drive-E powertrains, we promised to bring efficient driving pleasure into a new dimension. The official European NEDC certification now confirms that we outperform competitors when it comes to power versus CO2 emissions”, says Derek Crabb, Vice President Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Car Group.

With 306 hp and CO2 emissions at 149 g/km (6.4 l/100 km) the Volvo S60 T6 becomes the first car in the segment that offers the driver over two horsepower per gram CO2. The car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.

The new 2.0-litres, four-cylinder T6 engine features both a supercharger and a turbo charger. Using the supercharger to fill in the bottom end torque gives the petrol engine a big, naturally aspirated feel. The mechanically linked compressor starts to function immediately at low revs, while the turbocharger kicks in when the airflow builds up.

“We have created a range of smaller, more intelligent engines with power curves that give exciting drivability compared with engines with more cylinders. At the same time we continue to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” says Derek Crabb.

The Volvo S60 T5 with 245hp and the new 8-speed automatic is also exceptionally competitive. CO2 emissions are down at 137 g/km, which translates into fuel consumption of 5.9 litre/100 km.

The Volvo S60 D4 with 181 horsepower and manual gearbox has class-leading CO2 emissions at 99 g/km, which translates into fuel consumption of 3.8 litre/100 km. A Volvo V60 D4 with up to 17-inch tyres also breaks the 100-gram barrier according to the NEDC certification with CO2 emissions at 99 g/km. 

Drive-E power train

The Drive-E diesels feature world-first i-ART technology with pressure feedback from each fuel injector instead of using a traditional single pressure sensor in the common rail. Each injector has an intelligent chip on top of it that monitors injection pressure. Using this information, the self-adapting i-ART system makes sure that the ideal amount of fuel is injected during each combustion cycle.

“The combination of injection pressure at 2,500 bar and i-ART technology gives the customer an engine with high performance, improved fuel economy and considerably lower emissions. It is a breakthrough comparable to our invention of the lambda sensor for the catalytic converter in 1976,” says Derek Crabb.

The Drive-E engines are prepared for future electrification from the start. The compact size of the four-cylinder engines means that the electric motor can be fitted in the front or rear of the vehicle. The battery pack will be located in the centre of the car.

“The success of our V60 Plug-in Hybrid has also proved there is no contradiction between driving pleasure and low emissions. And we have already confirmed that the all-new XC90 will be introduced in 2014 with a petrol plug-in hybrid at the top of the range,” says Derek Crabb. He concludes: “The first Volvo car back in 1927 featured a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine. So you can safely say that the new Drive-E powertrain family remains true to our heritage.”

Volvo Polestar Racing enters WTCC at Shanghai with Thed Björk

Volvo Polestar Racing is going to take part in the FIA World Touring Car Championship races at Shanghai International Circuit in China with newly crowned STCC champion Thed Björk. 

“We are entering this race to check the pulse of WTCC, as well as celebrating Thed Björk’s amazing performance in the STCC this year,” said Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Motorsport Commercial Director at Volvo Cars.

volvoc30polestar (2)

Björk, who secured the 2013 STCC title after winning nine of twelve races this season, is going to drive a Volvo C30 1.6T in the two races in China on November 2-3rd.

“I am looking forward to make my WTCC debut with Volvo and I am very grateful to get this opportunity. The WTCC is a very competitive championship and the challenge for us is going to be great, but that is only fueling my motivation,” said Björk.

Volvo Polestar Racing ran one Volvo C30 1.6T with Robert Dahlgren in the 2011 WTCC, the very car Björk is going to drive at Shanghai. 

thedbjork (2)

“We moved our focus to the Volvo S60 model as our primary car for motorsport in 2012, the model that we are currently racing in Sweden and USA and that we will race in the Australian V8 Supercars next year. While our S60 model does not match WTCC well today, we still think WTCC represents possibly the best value for money and one-fits-all global motorsport solution if you want to race with a smaller c-segment car. Consequently, we are keen on staying closely informed and this is precisely our objective with Shanghai, not outright performance and results,” said Murdzevski Schedvin.

32-year-old Björk is one of the most merited Swedish racing drivers with experience from F3000, DTM and Le Mans. His merits include two STCC titles, the 2001 FIA Sportscar SR2 title and the 1999 Swedish and Nordic Formula 3 titles. Björk is going to face touch opposition from drivers such as Yvan Muller (Chevrolet) and Gabriele Tarquini (Honda) in the WTCC races at Shanghai.

“We know that we have got a tough race weekend ahead of us as we never before have raced at the circuit. We keep our ambitions realistic, to make it to the top ten would be a great result, but our main mission is to gather data and information. Nonetheless, I am going to give my very best and there is no doubt that we have two exciting races ahead of us,” said Björk.

Facts Thed Björk

Lives in Karlskoga, Sweden
Born on December 14th, 1980


2013 – STCC Champion
2012 – TTA 3rd
2011 – Camaro Cup Sweden Champion
2009 – STCC 2nd
2008 – STCC 3rd
2006 – STCC Champion
2005 – STCC 2nd
2003 – GTR Sweden Champion
2001 – FIA SR2 Champion
1999 – F3 Nordic Champion
1999 – F3 Sweden Champion