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how to research trends But is the only place you find cashmere wool coat from Kashmir? Not at all, although the origins of the word came from the Kashmir area from the Persian times, we are fortunate that many other locations are now producing cashmere. One in particular is in Inner Mongolia, northern China. This area is the biggest producer of cashmere goats in the wool. Vary the pressure when working with color to give the sketch shadows and highlights. Never mind coloring outside the lines, because neatness in drawing doesn count much compared with the tangible creation that results from the idea. Some designers even purposefully color outside the outline, making the sketch more artistic and abstract. Many films of the 1940s centered on the trials and tribulations of the brave men and women fighting for freedom in Europe and the Pacific. In order to express its support for the hardships and rations endured during the War by regular citizens, Hollywood created simple and subdued costumes during this period. Women dressed in simple suits or slacks with sensible shoes. Batman Forever Return of Swamp Thing (Truly bad but I couldn make a strong enough case to call it a superhero film) Elektra Meteor Man (This film almost made my list but I left if off since it is mainly a spoof) Ghost Rider Dick Tracy And finally, I have to mention one film that was excluded that perhaps deserves the number one spot and that the 1994 Fantastic Four film that was never released theatrically or on video although it been heavily bootlegged. Intending it to be a $40 big budget film, the producer, Neu Constantin was about to lose his rights to the film and had to produce something. He hired director Roger Corman to make the film but not for $40 million. Matchy Matchy doesn't always work in the fashion world because sometimes you have to mix and match your outfits along with a little color. With the rules of wearing white after labor day doesn't really apply anymore. In fashion, you'll need to take certain risks without being afraid to strut your stuff in those outfits that you own. Are you one of those people that know exactly what you want but you have trouble finding it. Try looking for it on Ebay. You will be shocked to find exactly what you are looking for in a very reasonable price. Should petite women buy, tweak, or skip the animal influences trend for fall/winter 2010/2011? I say tweak on this fall fashion trend. Furs, whether real or faux, tend to be quite bulky, so petite women should wear them with care. For example, a fur lined hood may work better than a full length fur coat.
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Suzuki Kizashi Malaysia Launching Real Soon

Suzuki Kizashi has been launched in other countries way back in 2009. While rumors has it Suzuki Malaysia will launch the car somewhere in January 2012, here in Malaysia. We send our troops to go scouting. The picture was taken in outside one of the Eon Berhad complex. As EonMobil distributes Suzuki vehicles as well, it make sense that the black Suzuki Kizashi  with trade plate spotted near their complex. The Suzuki Kizashi was not camouflaged in anyways.


Suzuki Kizashi

We posted an article back in August 2009 on the Suzuki Kizashi concepts and some of the actual launch details. The car is believe to be powered with a 2.4L engine.


Suzuki Kizashi Interior

Suzuki Kizashi features MacPherson struts up front and a multi-link setup in the rear it. It will be likely a 6-speed cvt gearbox. Do remember to check out the stunning concept version of Suzuki Kizashi here.

Honda Models Found Most Pothole-proof in UK (Based on Survey)

Based on the survey conducted in UK, Honda cars are found to be the best-equipped to deal with potholes on “UK roads” (Please note: Not Malaysian road. Anyway, we expect the rate will be higher if the survey is conducted in Malaysia).


In the details of the survey, only 1.4% of Honda owners emerged to have to make a claim due to suspension or axle damage, which is the lowest follow by Toyota and Hyundai.



The survey results:-


Most resilient brands
1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Hyundai
4. Nissan
5. Kia
6. Mitsubishi
7. Mini
8. Suzuki
9. Ford
10. Mazda


Least resilient brands
1. Chrysler
2. Smart
3. Mercedes-Benz
4. Land Rover
5. Jaguar
6. Saab
7. Fiat
8. BMW
9. Seat
10. Vauxhall


According to Duncan McClure Fisher of WarrantyDirect.co.uk, for luxury brands, such as Jaguar, Mercedes and Land Rover all featured in the least-resilient list. He expressed that surprisingly the high-end manufacturers are just as vulnerable, if not more so, than ‘value’ manufacturers.


Back to us, what you think about your Honda? Is it pothole-proof as describe as comparing to other manufacturers?

Japanese Automakers Halt Production After Massive Earthquake Due To Parts Shortages, Rolling Blackouts or Damages to Plants

japanearthquake df25b16abfc9412382e9c2d3dc58cd67 opt Japanese Automakers Halt Production After Massive Earthquake Due To Parts Shortages, Rolling Blackouts or Damages to Plants


The major Japanese automakers had recently announcing its impacts, damages and plans after the resulting from the March 11, 2011 massive earthquake and tsunami.


Toyota announced to resume production on March 28 for the Prius and two Lexus hybrids – the HS 250h and CT 200h. The Prius is made at the Tsutsumi factory in western Japan, while the Lexus models are produced in the southern island of Kyushu, areas outside the epicenter of the disaster. 18 other Toyota plants remain closed, however, through at least March 28, and the automaker has warned its assembly plants in North America that they could soon face parts shortages that interrupt production.


Honda has moved the restart date of its Japanese plants at its Saitama and Suzuka factories will be extended to April 3 which initially on March 27. Among the vehicles affected are the Fit and CR-V. The Honda research and development centre will be closed for months due to extensive damage. Some of the work being done at the R&D facility has been moved to other Honda facilities in Japan.


Nissan restarted production in Japan on March 24, though the plants are using only existing parts stock with no new parts coming in. The company is studying whether its Tennessee engine plant could supply VQ V6 engines to Japan due to damages sustained at an engine plant in the quake zone. The automaker also lost 1,300 Infiniti models that were damaged at a Japanese port during the quake. However, good news that Nissan will resume production of its Leaf electric car, but warned that rolling blackouts could potentially hamper production at its Oppama assembly plant, where the Leaf is made, and its battery plants in Zama.


japan earthquake vehicle shipping yard1 Japanese Automakers Halt Production After Massive Earthquake Due To Parts Shortages, Rolling Blackouts or Damages to Plants


Mazda has been running some plants in Japan, though parts are starting to become in short supply. The CX-7 and CX-9 are among the vehicles affected.

Revealed of the 2011 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D. Power and Associates

JDPower graph 420x0 Revealed of the 2011 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D. Power and Associates


The above is the report from J.D. Power and Associates – 2011 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). The statistics is work based on Problem per 100 Vehicles in North America.


Based on the reliability survey ranks Mini last and it is not surprising us that Porsche is more reliable than Toyota. Frankly, the real Porsche is really solid and durable on the road even with regular track day.


Automakers that above Industry average standards in US are like Infiniti (luxury brand of Nissan in US), Saab, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Buick, Acura (luxury brand of Honda in US), Toyota, Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus and Lincoln.


Automakers that below industry average standards in US are like Smart, Chevrolet, Volvo, Subaru, Kia, Audi, BMW, Scion (slightly economical brand of Toyota), Ram, Mazda, Nissan, GMC, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Dodge, Land Rover, Jeep and MINI.


Cars that below industry average standards that did not surprise us are like BMW, Chevrolet, Land Rover and Kia. But we are doubtful that why Volkswagen and Volvo are under that category. Maybe FastMotoring shall conduct one survey in Malaysia to share with our valued readers.

Suzuki Swift S-Concept, Next Swift Sport?

The Suzuki Swift is quite a nifty car among it’s competitors. Awhile ago we report the new generation of Suzuki Swift, which we are yet to see here soon. However among the good Swifts there’s always some turn out to be more sporty.

6664  630xfloat=center gv shw 47 Suzuki Swift S Concept, Next Swift Sport?

Pictures here show the Suzuki Swift S-Concept, automatically this will a benchmark of the new generation of Suzuki Swift Sport. This Suzuki Swift S-concept make debut during the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The Suzuki Swift S-concept is presented in a Unique Lightning Pearl Yellow with a 3 door version. The is in-line of the company’s brand philosophy of delivering excitement. The front of the S-concept has been fitted a special design head lamp and a over kitted fog lamps. Integrated with front and rear fenders the Suzuki Swift S-concept looks track ready.

6668  630xfloat=center swift conceptgenflive04 Suzuki Swift S Concept, Next Swift Sport?

From the rear it remind us of the Renault Clio RS. However the twin exhaust & with a bigger spoiler and all the special design front , rear , side parts of the car are design in a piece ( not an extra fitted bodykit) makes the hot hatch looks pretty sleek. The Swift S-Concept is fitted with huge 18″ wheels with Brembo brakes. Currently the Swift S-concept is officially spec as 6 speed gear box, front engine, front wheel drive and with a tuned 1.6 liter engine.

6682  630xfloat=center swift4 Suzuki Swift S Concept, Next Swift Sport?

Inside The Suzuki Swift S-concept is fitted with a pair of yellow with Black Recaro bucket seats. The steering is leather stitched with some yellow trims. The current highest range Suzuki Swift is priced at RM112,958.00 – not a small price tag for a car like this. We do expect the new Suzuki Swift Sport to be priced more assuming it will be better looking and with better features ( also considering the Japanese Yen getting stronger). However, the Swift S-concept may be good to look at but not so practical  to hit the production line. We would expect a tune down version the Swift S-Concept to be the next generation of Suzuki Swift Sport.