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Sunday, April 26, 2015
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A Possible Chevrolet Cruze Facelift in 2012

Chevrolet Cruze was launch in mid 2010 here in Malaysia. We have driven it back then. In fact, the model was launch in 2008 Paris Motor show and started selling in the US and Australia in 2009. After about more than 2 years in the market, this was spotted on one of the forum online. Some forumers say this is the new facelift Chevrolet Cruze of the model year 2012. While we do not have detail information to confirm this, we thought we should share it you our readers too.


The major difference of this snap shot than the current version of Chevrolet Cruze would be the fog lights area. The fog lights casing are shaped triangularly and added what it looks like a vertical day light LED on top of the fog lights to keep up the trend.


This could also be possible just a minor facelift for the European market. Whatever it is, whether is a aftermarket new bumper or an upcoming facelift. It does make the Cruze looks more stylish.

2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

At the 2011 Melbourne Motor Show, many exhibitors have exhibited their future products and concept cars. In total, there are no less than 14 concept cars. Thank you, John (our mate) from Down Under for passing some photos taken at the Motor Show to us. 


8006  630xfloat= 266358 10150230090123002 555088001 7262595 5773254 o 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary 8036  630xfloat= concept cars 20 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary 8019  630xfloat= 279625 10150230226893002 555088001 7263498 4492190 o 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan’s biggest automaker had showcased its FT-86 II and Prius C City Car concepts. For its luxury brand – Lexus, the LF-Gh concept was there.


8052  630xfloat= concept cars 8 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary 8008  630xfloat= 268995 10150230089068002 555088001 7262580 2358562 n 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

Mazda set in the Minagi at the show. The car looks like production ready and Mazda will make use of this model with minor changes to become the new CX-5. Besides, Mazda also showcase the rear-wheel-drive Shinari at Melbourne Motor Show. Sadly, the Mazda Shinari will not be in production but purely to showcase the Mazda new design styling – Kodo – Soul of Motion.


8031  630xfloat= concept cars 16 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

What’s more, Mitsubishi show-off its plug-in hybrid SUV – PX-MiEV. This vehicle is powered by 70kW/125Nm 1.6-litre petrol engine with two electric motors, one each for the front and rear axle.


8033  630xfloat= concept cars 18 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

Suzuki exhibits its Suzuki Swift S-Concept. It is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine, the S-Concept has bigger wheel arches, more antagonistic bumpers, a large wing spoiler and 18-inch alloy wheels.


8047  630xfloat= concept cars 30 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

Subaru revealed their compact SUV concept and presented it as Subaru Impreza XV at the motor show. Do you think this could be the model that will be local assembly in Malaysia by Tan Chong Group?


8029  630xfloat= concept cars 14 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

For the Korean marquee, Hyundai presented a fuel cell electric drive train vehicle – Blue2. The electric motor delivers 90kW of power.


8007  630xfloat= 266628 10150230087953002 555088001 7262556 6444323 o 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

For the German automakers, BMW displayed its concept super car – Vision EfficientDynamics. Basically, it’s a hybrid car with an electric motor and a 3-cylinder turbo-diesel will together produce 241kW of power, and take the car from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds.


8018  630xfloat= 279326 10150230226068002 555088001 7263497 5860570 o 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

 Audi presented their e-tron which powered by four electric motors over each wheel with a total of 230kW.


8040  630xfloat= concept cars 24 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

It seems like most of the automakers are firm with the Hybrid or Electric Motors technology besides Mazda. The Swedish Volvo presented its V60 Plug-in hybrid. The drive train features a 150kW/440Nm 2.4-litre five-cylinder diesel engine and a 50kW/200Nm electric motor located at the back and powering the rear wheels. Electric-only range is 50km, fuel consumption is rated at 1.9L/100km and zero to 100km/h can be done in 6.9 seconds.


8042  630xfloat= concept cars 26 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary 8044  630xfloat= concept cars 28 2011 Melbourne Motor Show Concept Cars Summary

The Australian automaker, Holden showcased its new 2012 Holden Colorado UTE. Although the production model due on sale in 2012 but the options are expected not be as extreme as the car display at the show. Above and beyond, the production version of its Australian designed Holden Cruze Hatchback is displayed as show-car as well.


If you missed out the 2011 Melbourne Motor Show like us, you can now check out the photo gallery below.


Photo Gallery: 2011 Melbourne Motor Show 1-10 July 2011

Holden Cruze 5-door Hatchback Under Testing in Melbourne

7511  630xfloat= holden cruze hatch 4 Holden Cruze 5 door Hatchback Under Testing in Melbourne

Holden announced that the automaker will began testing and fine tuning the Cruze 5-door hatchback in Australia before its introduction later this year. Check out the photos of the new Holden Cruze hatchback that released by Holden. This car was designed by Holden’s design studio in Port Melbourne, Victoria.


7512  630xfloat= holden cruze hatch 5 Holden Cruze 5 door Hatchback Under Testing in Melbourne

The Cruze hatchback concept car was previewed by General Motors in early 2010 under Chevrolet’s badge. The new Holden Cruze hatch will be manufactured at GM’s Port Elizabeth plant in Adelaide, with the first examples expected to reach showrooms in the Q4 -2011.


The technical specification will be likely to be similar to the Cruze II sedan range.


Photo Gallery: Holden Cruze 5-door hatchback

2011 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

6183  630xfloat= cruzehatch1 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

The hatchback version of Chevrolet Cruze will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, which officially begin on Tuesday, March 1st. The new Cruze hatchback will also be offered with a new range of engines, with the range-topping diesel unit, with 163PS (161hp) and a standard six-speed manual transmission.


The Cruze Hatchback will go on sale in the UK in the summer of 2011, with prices and exact specifications to be confirmed nearer the time. Moreover, there’s a possibility that Chevrolet will put the new Cruze Hatchback in motorsport, as well.


Photo Gallery: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

HSV Cruze might be using 286hp 2.0-litre twin-scroll turbo to fight with Ford Focus RS


After Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) confirming that they are currently considering the Cruze to work on during the launch of the E3 range. A lot of attention has been focusing on HSV now.

Recently, Go-Auto did an interview with HSV Managing Director Phil Harding, he confirmed that HSV was investigating a performance version of the Cruze.

The Cruze may use the same 213kw (286 hp) 2.0-litre twin-scroll turbo engine that intended to use on the upcoming Opel Astra OPC / Vauxhall Astra VRX in late 2011. As both the new Astra and the Cruze are based on GM’s Delta II platform, it would be a comparatively simple job to transplant the engine from one to the other. However, he highlighted that HSV are looking at a couple of options as well.

Besides, the Cruze may also need suspension upgrades and front end modifications to handle the expected FWD torque steer, as its torsion beam rear suspension is not as sophisticated as the independent rear setup on competitors like the Ford Focus RS.

Photo Gallery: Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback Show Car