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A Possible Chevrolet Cruze Facelift in 2012


Chevrolet Cruze was launch in mid 2010 here in Malaysia. We have driven it back then. In fact, the model was launch in 2008 Paris Motor show and started selling in the US and Australia in 2009. After about more than 2 years in the market, this was spotted on one of the forum online. Some forumers say this is the new facelift Chevrolet Cruze of the model year 2012. While we do not have detail information to confirm this, we thought we should share it you our readers too.


The major difference of this snap shot than the current version of Chevrolet Cruze would be the fog lights area. The fog lights casing are shaped triangularly and added what it looks like a vertical day light LED on top of the fog lights to keep up the trend.


This could also be possible just a minor facelift for the European market. Whatever it is, whether is a aftermarket new bumper or an upcoming facelift. It does make the Cruze looks more stylish.