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Imported Cars Prices from Japan & Australia to Malaysia will be Reduced |

Imported Cars Prices from Japan & Australia to Malaysia will be Reduced

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) of Malaysia will announce a cut in car duties from Japan and Australia tomorrow – Thursday, 27 Feb 2013. The total plan will be done over 3 years and people in Malaysia will enjoyed a better pricing on imported car from Japan and Australia.


Looks like there will be some cheaper sports car from Japan for us. Come back tomorrow as we wait for the actual figures and plan that will be announced by the Malaysia’s government. How will it impact Malaysia’s automotive industry?

  • rakyat

    Most of our foreign cars are CKD!!
    CBU is very very limited units. Trying to cheat us again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tzuthian Kelvin Ang

    Oh, good news for CBU fans, But no impact on CKD drivers….


  • Cheng

    BN=barang naik,still I’ll not trust U,no,no no no

  • Wong_mun2001

    even you think of it now, CBU like lexus CT200h, Toyota Prius are all hybrid.  This car is also known that malaysia has given rebate for hybrid till end of 2013 where no import or excise duty.  So this car price may not drop or drop very little with no obvious difference

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