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Perodua Alza EZi Premium Edition Review

With the statistics of the GDP in Malaysia, it illustrates the fact that not everyone is able to afford a MPV or even a premium mini-MPV as their daily car. I strongly believe one of the inclination of a family man is to own 7 seaters MPV. Therefore, I think Perodua did this right by introducing the Perodua Alza mini-MPV’ to the domestic market in Malaysia. With the introduction of Alza, it helps Perodua to expand their product offering and market shares which previously limited to small compact car to slightly larger car.

Probably, if you think Toyota Avanza could be your cup of tea. You may now think twice before hand as now you have more choice. Perodua Alza was introduced back in 23 November 2009. During the research and development stage, this car was known as Perodua D46T.


Currently, the Perodua Alza is available in 6 variants – Standard (SX, EZ), Premium (SXi, EZi) and Advanced (GHP, ZHP) with option of 4-Speed Auto or 5-Speed Manual Transmission. All models are fitted with the same 1.5 DOHC 16V DVVT engine (3SZ-VE). The engine churns out only 104PS max at 6,000rpm with a torque of 136Nm @ 4,400rpm. Although the engine is similar to the Toyota Avanza and Rush, the engine output is lesser. But what I am sure of is, the Perodua Alza is definitely more fuel efficient than the Toyota’s as the Alza is built to run on Front Wheel Drive (FWD) instead of Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) with a huge axle at the rear that lead to slightly power loss during the power shifting.


Perodua Alza has finally got something closer to compare with now – the Honda Freed. The overall dimensions of Perodua Alza (L:4205 x W:1695 x H:1620) is not as long, broad or tall as compare to the Freed (L: 4215 x W:1700 x H: 1735). However, both Alza and Freed are reasonably able to fits 7 people but Freed has individual seats on the second row and slightly spacious seats on the third row.

Unfortunately, the Perodua Alza does not have the auto-sliding doors like the Honda Freed. But what the Alza able to offers is a pair of huge rear doors that able to open widely. Some car owners might not like the Alza to park beside their car because Alza’s rear doors are able to open widely which possible dent their car. But the awesome part, the passengers can access to the car easily.

In terms of technology, Honda Freed is more advanced with 5-speed auto transmission and slightly powerful engine with 118PS. In logic maths, you can almost buy 2 units of the Perodua Alza with the price of 1 unit of Honda Freed that design and built for the same purpose.

To fulfil myself with a better article to review the Perodua Alza, I managed to get hands-on with the Perodua Alza EZi for a week. During the time frame, I drove the Alza to work, shop for grocery and driving around with my friends & family. Overall in performance wise, I would say the Alza’s felt livelier than Proton Exora for sure although I got an Automatic Model here. However, it performed what it suppose designed for and I wouldn’t say it is underpowered but is responsive enough for this mini-MPV. But it does feel a little sluggish when is fully loaded with passengers. The Alza’s come with a 42 litres Fuel Tank Capacity. A full tank of RON95 Unleaded Fuel that cost me RM60 takes me approximate 400km.

Apart from performance, moving forward I would say the car is incredibly versatile for all occasion but personally preferred the third row seats to be folded down as flat at all time to gain a huge boot space that is larger than the sedan cars. Whenever you need the third row seats, it is just as easy as one step to pull it up. Not to be surprise, the Alza’s air conditioning is fairly powerful and cooling especially during the night drive. In terms of ride and handling, the Alza’s deliver better than the MyVi as the car doesn’t have much body roll, much comfortable and not bouncy as the light-truck’ replica – Toyota Avanza.


In terms of interior finishing, I like the dark colour theme which looks exclusive. The quality of material on the upper part of the dashboard is nice, but the lower part of the dashboard which grey in colour looks plasticky’. The steering wheel is fully wrapped and stitched with leather and audio controls which makes me felt more exclusive, even the Honda Freed doesn’t have it. Do take note whether you able to accept the Auto gear shifter that affix for the Alza, personally I felt it is fragile and I would be more comfortable with a gated shifter like the one on the Toyota Vios.


For the Alza EZi, the auto gear shifter is on the dashboard and the front seats are having the bench-type which makes this car something special about. The parking brake is not engage by hand but with the left foot instead – like most of the MPV and SUV. Some of you might already know that the Alza comes with Integrated Stereo with Bluetooth. I tried to pair my Nokia E65 and performed loud and clear.


According to the specification, all windows are fitted with UV protected glass.

Comparing the Perodua Alza head-to-head with Honda Freed, both cars are built on small car platform. As results both cars having the same Small Turning Radius of 5.2m which making city driving and parking on narrow space effortless. The Perodua Alza is also having rear drums brake too.

One thing in common again for Alza with the Honda Freed is that both are having a lot of Cup holders on-board. This Alza EZi come with 12 cup holders, however I preferred the front cup holders to be mounted near the dashboard instead at the door panels. The rest, I am pretty much happy about.

In conclusion, if you were shopping for Small Passenger Cars (e.g. Perodua MyVi, Hyundai i10), mini-MPV (e.g. Honda Freed) or even larger MPV like Nissan Grand Livina. Do consider the Perodua Alza as part of your list. I am confident that this car able to satisfy you with the balance of space, size and values. Outspokenly, it is a very decent car to own and drive especially for the young family.


Prices are On-The-Road with Insurance for Peninsular Malaysia



RM 55,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SX (M) – Solid
RM 55,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SX (M) – Metallic
RM 56,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SX (M) – Special Metallic
RM 58,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZ (A) – Solid
RM 58,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZ (A) – Metallic
RM 59,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZ (A) – Special Metallic


RM 60,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SXi (M) – Solid
RM 60,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SXi (M) – Metallic
RM 61,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SXi (M) – Special Metallic
RM 63,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZi (A) – Solid
RM 63,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZi (A) – Metallic
RM 64,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZi (A) – Special Metallic


RM 66,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 GHP (M) – Solid
RM 66,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 GHP (M) – Metallic
RM 69,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 ZHP (A) – Solid
RM 69,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 ZHP (A) – Metallic

Extra features on Premium edition

1) Dual SRS airbags
2) ABS with EBD and Brake Assist
3) Fog lamps
4) Rear spoiler
5) Audio system with USB and Bluetooth support
6) Steering wheel with audio switches
7) Seat height adjuster
8) Silver colour door armrest
9) Blue illumination meter
10) Higher grade seat cover
11) Higher grade carpet mats

Extra features on Advanced edition on top of Premium edition

1) GPS with reverse camera
2) Leather seat
3) Tinted film
4) Front skirting
5) Rear skirting
6) Side skirting

Photo Gallery: Perodua Alza EZi Premium

  • ganesh

    thanks for doing this review in May 2010
    good that perodua gave u to test for 1 week
    I got one premium white color
    I am surprised u have no complaints.
    I see in forum
    many people complain on rooftop no soundproof and windnoise at 80km/h

  • why

    why did u say ” the Alza’s air conditioning is fairly powerful and cooling especially during the night drive.”

    The aircond power should be test under hot sun .

    all aircond at night will be cool but failed at 12 noon.

    how alza during hot sun ….driving after parked under sun ???

  • edvin

    Hi Why,

    Firstly, I found the aircond blower for alza is bigger. That could be the reason during night drive, I found it is cold compare to my proton waja with newly serviced.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the chance to test it under hot sun at 12. I will take note on this and share with my colleagues on other test reviews.

    We highly recommend to have Solar Tint as global weather have changed. The sunlight is rather strong that could probably crack the dashboard after long run.

  • edvin

    Hi Ganesh,

    The car that we have tested, during that period we do not encounter any problem. Somehow, I found the sound proof of Perodua is not really perfect but Alza is better compared to others line-up.

    For the windnoise, it could be due to the side mirrors during high-speed which happen to City as well.

  • ganesh

    thanks edwin for answering.
    U have posted a lot of pictures. One pictures shows the front wheel emits a lot of dust and made the rim blacken
    must be from the brake pad dust
    i suspect there are many low quality material used by local vendor for Alza.
    This makes the alza owners complaint on many issues.

  • fulal

    excuse me, how bout the foot brake? is it same as hand brake??

  • cengkih78

    i saw first this car on internet when i was studying in overseas. my first impression was i dont like it. for me it just looks so small to call mpv. but a month or so after finishing my study and looking for a decent car that worth the money, i went to perodua showroom, just for sightseeing and cuci mata. quite surprised, when i got into alza advanced version, its quite spacious. it looks small outside but spacious inside. that really taken me by surprise and very easy to handle and soo comfortable driving it. and now i’m a proud owner of alza advanced version. with that much of money (less 70K) i will say that this car worth the money.

  • yy

    may i know if take alza premium then only add the side skirting how much need add ??

  • why


    go to

    u find answers there

  • af

    May i know how is the fuel consumption? Will it be under-powered? How about its future re-sale value? I am just comparing it with Avanza…

  • yong

    excuse me…
    im thinking of getting perodua Alza…
    cause i’ve already injured my leg during my duty at my working place last few months, i juz only able to drive automatic car…

    my questions here are:-
    (a) how to use the alza’s footbrake??
    (b) as everyone knew, alza have the “wind” problem through driver and front passenger window. so wat is the solution for this problem???


  • Kingsley Bakmiwewa

    Greetings from the land below the wind.
    I test drove the Alza just the other day and found it to be a great car. It has the power to take you around and even to cruise with speed. The air-conditioning unit is quite remarkable as those seated at the rear felt cool within minutes and the test run was done at noon. Of course, power wise, the Alza falls flat when the vehicle was fully loaded, something which can be expected when all seats have been occupied and the automatic transmission had to be manually shifted to compensate during overtaking. All in all, I find the Alza a good buy (total value for money)in the middle price bracket. I am seriously contemplating to buy one after the coming Chinese New Year. Great job Perodua, you have indeed lived up to your reputation of putting people first and building your automobiles around our Malaysian lifestyles. Syabbas !

  • Sharif

    My wife and I have been test driving and comparing many many vehicles these past few months, as up until recently we have gotten by with one car. however, and unfortunately partly due to the age of the car and our work locations being geographically spread apart we are now getting two cars to replace the one old one that served us well. for myself, I have already booked an ALZA (even though i went in with the intention of assessing the range of MYVI) after much consideration against our needs, costs and the reported reliability of perodua – i hope i have made the correct choice. time will tell. Nevertheless, although the above review may be seen as a little overly generous – many of the points made do resolute with my personal experience and opinion on this vehicle. The key points to keep in mind are that: this small MPV (although not the best looking of the options available)is very cost effective – particularly upon also taking into account the future ongoing servicing costs compared to other brands; its engine does not or is promoted as not needing to have any timing belt replacement, as it has a timing chain system that is supposed to do 500,000km before needing replacement; it seems (based upon the test drive) to have adequate power for town driving (there is no need for too much speed or really fast acceleration as i note many who do speed seem to be very poor drivers with limited self control and ability); it is quite rooming inside as noted in the review, but i would agree that maybe some enhanced interior options could be considered particularly somewhere to place a mobile phone so as to have ready ease of access when connected to the bluetooth; and many more. The only major concern i have is that when investigating what vehicle i needed, the sales person (who was nice but will not be named) was not adequately knowledgable on the products of perodua that were on offer, E.G. no one could answer the simplest question of what AB was in terms of the braking system. Now some will appreciated my concern here, as often men and indeed women too like to know how things work and what are the benefits of an additional feature. otherwise why buy that option? So my only key recomendation for Perodua (and this goes for other local brands too), is that some enhanced technical training and sales skills along with a little more personalised customer service could see this brand go much much further. I provide these comments with the best of intention as i do admire the company, but i feel that sometimes the sales people need to understand that for many of us although we can afford it a car purchase is a very considerably important decision, i.e. perhaps the second most expensive purchase that we make next to our homes. And we can’t afford to waste our hard earned money – so please provide some further enhanced training and make sure it filters down to all your branches – to make the customer feel that not only did they get value for money but that their business with the company was most appreciated.

  • Sharif

    To add to my above comments: when a customer comes into to one of the sales centres of Perodua, and they are greeted by a knowledgable sales person (who can answer most technical questions), this provides the potential customer with a level of confidence in the product above that which they may have already gained from personal observation on market share by a company. in my case, my confidence in the alza was mostly based upon my own observational assessment. But i do hope the particular sales person will improve with time in their knowledge. To rephrase, a sales person must know what they are selling and display their own confidence in the product range.

  • mohan

    Hi, anybody can give idea , why there is light knocking sound when this Alza car over to road bumper. Until now service centre unable to solve this problem.

  • mohan

    Why alza got knocking sound when overdrive the road bumper

  • Kennex

    Hi Mohan,

    There is a solution. Please sent to the SC to check. My 1 is working fine now after they fix it. Then is work fine. But i can say that the quality of this car is bad….but acceptable la…..

  • Kingsley Bakmiwewa

    Greetings from the Land Below The Wind. I just took my Alza for a cross town 900 kilometer return journey through hilly terrain covering backroad blitzes with my family. The Alza performed very well through corners and uphill climbs and at one stretch I managed to clock 185 km/hr, but this was for only a minute or so before I had to slow down before entering into a windy stretch of road. The car handled very well at this speed without even an inch of sideslip. However, acceleration all depends on the quality of fuel and sad to say the Alza performs like a truck when using 95 fuel. Fill her up with 97 (and to hell with the fuel costs) and the Alza performs extremely well without any hiccups. Another great was that on long distance runs, the Alza surprises with a 500 kilometer full tank run then a 420 kilometer run I usually get when using her in town.Great work Perodua. Now all we need is one that features a sunroof for added beauty.

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