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Toyota Vios Facelift 2010 Malaysia Review – Vios Desirable

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift front bumper

Toyota Vios facelift Malaysia refreshed for the new 2010 edition to take on the competitors in the market. This is the second generation of Toyota Vios in Malaysia and a facelifted version. UMW Toyota Malaysia markets the new face-lifted Vios as “Vios Desirable“. The auto-maker expects to sell more than 32,400 units of the Toyota Vios this year prior with the launch of this facelift model.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift Malaysia

The car we are talking here will be the Toyota Vios G-spec. While most of the facelift will at least have a new bumper design. Toyota Vios facelift for 2010 retain the same bumper. However, from the front view we can easily notice a New Radiator Grille fixed to the face-lifted Vios. The new design it said to be a more sporty appearance. However we think that it’s more of the “elegance” theme as it reminds us the resemblance of the Camry styled front grille.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift rear lights

Another point that easily noticeable to differentiate between facelift and pre-facelift from the rear of the Vios, would be the rear lamps. The new enhanced rear lamps give a more dimensional layer of each lamp. I think its better design compare to the old one as it has some wing effect.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift discbrakes

The new Vios also comes with a new 15″ six twin-spoke new alloy rims. Since we are looking at the Vios Facelift G-spec, a new set of wheels limited to the 1.5 G variant of Vios as above. On top of that, only the G-spec of Vios and the TRD Sportivo has front-back disc brake while the J-spec and E-spec variant of Vios gets Front disc brake and rear drum brakes.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift steering

Moving on to the interior, we can see the new steering wheel being attached to the new Vios. Personally I quite like the design of this steering wheel, the older one reminds me of some old 90’s car every time I sat in a Vios. The new steering is wrapped with leather and has a slight sporty grip feel.


2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift audio system

For the G-spec of the facelift Vios, the interior has been enhanced to have a more elegant appearance. Notice the parking brake knob, centre register knob has been added with chrome trim. The integrated audio system it’s available only in Vios G-spec.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift luxury

The door handle and shift lever housing it’s also enhanced with chrome finish.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift front seat

To further enhance the Toyota Vios Facelift G-spec, a sleek leather seat is designed to fit into the Vios G-spec for a more “sporty luxury stylish” feel.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift window visor

There will be a set of door visors if you choose the 1.5 TRD Sportivo Vios or the 1.5 G-spec Vios. The door visor to me it’s just a personal flavour, some say that it might lead to louder wind noise (usually on aftermarket door visor). However, Toyota claims the door visor enhanced the aerodynamics and a clearer vision during rain – which I agree.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift vvti

The new Toyota Vios second generation in Malaysia face-lifted edition, is powered by a 1.5 litre engine that produces 108 bhp and 141 Nm of torque. The same 1NZ-FE with VVT-i technology found in the 1st generation of Toyota Vios many years ago. The entire Vios variant comes with a 4-speed automatic transmission, except the lowest spec which is the J-Spec Vios it’s available in 5-Speed Manual Transmission.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift leather seat

Safety wise, other than Vios J-spec that gets only 1 air bag, the rest gets two air bags (one of the driver and one of the passenger). All Vios variant now comes with ABS with EBD and also Brake assist.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Side Mirror

As for the side mirror, now all variant of Vios has electronically retractable side mirror. The pre-facelift version of J-Spec Vios does not have this feature.


A quick note, the TRD Sportivo Vios can be further enhanced with a sport suspension as optional.


The new Toyota Vios facelift price has been adjust to pay off the enhancement that’s has been added. The new on-the-road Vios price comparing with the previous prices are as below.


Model Old Vios Price New Vios Price Price Difference
Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo (AT) RM90,900 RM92,000 RM1,100
Toyota Vios 1.5G (AT) RM85,025 RM87,300 RM2,275
Toyota Vios 1.5E (AT) RM79,425 RM81,500 RM2,075
Toyota Vios 1.5J (AT) RM73,525 RM76,090 RM2,565
Toyota Vios 1.5J (MT) RM69,825 RM71,990 RM2,165


Check out our Gallery of All-new Toyota Vios Facelift 2010 Malaysia edition (or rather known as Vios Desirable) as well as a video of commercial from UMW Toyota on the new Vios Desirable.



A very special Thanks to Raymund Chan as well as the branch manager, Parasnath of UMW Toyota Motor, Subang Jaya.


Raymund Chan is a well-experienced Sales Advisor for Toyota. For more queries please contact him at 019-3326823.


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  • http://yahoo chiu

    what kind of leather seat is it? i want know the name of the leather seat?

  • FD2R

    I think Toyota leather is just normal leather. What else can we expect? Alcantara? Hahaha

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  • Hoi

    Is that worth to buy G spec compare with E spec with the different prices RM5,800 just the interior leather designation ??????

  • TG

    can you load spec J model photo. Thanks

    • ben

      Hi TG, we’ll try our best to get the Vios J Spec Photos for you.

  • noob bell

    hi,vios got disc brake?

    • ben


      Toyota Vios

      J and E dont have rear disc brake

      G and TRD Sportivo is with rear disc brake

  • rozi

    do you still have stocks Vios J spec manual and how much?
    My son is interested

    • ben

      hi Rozi,

      please contact

      Raymund Chan @ 019-3326823. He is a well-experienced Sales Advisor for Toyota.
      You may tell him you are referred from Ben –

  • jessica

    rear of vios like camry…like mini camry!

  • vincent

    i think tis new(minor change)vios will be best seller of non-national car,

  • vincent

    i think tis new(minor change)vios will be best seller of non-national car.

  • Reez

    Ben,if i buy vios J spec can i change the integrated audio system likes Vios G-spec.J spec audio systems seems like out dated…usually how much i’ve to pay to change it…

    • ben

      hi Reez,

      the original J-spec or G-spec player is for normal usage. if you are looking for better sound quality you should look for players like alpine or you can check out “Brothers” for some budget package and change the speakers too. It is not wise to change to G-spec audio system, it may look nice to some people but it’s not practical and a lot of unnecessary cost – such as the panel.

  • jason

    why some people say vios is(dugong).wat means?can everybody tell me!

  • IG

    The center panel of spec E doesn’t looks good as previos. Last time is in silver color thus look match to the 2 din audio……

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  • jensson

    everybody can tell me toyota vios better or honda city?which is the best fuel comsumption

  • vayne

    is this toyota vios 2010 is same engine with the 2005 vios engine(first generation)

  • Nus

    Saya telah menempah vios baru g type di Sri Aman Sarawak, saya masih hanya menunggu kedatangannya.. boleh saudara ben jelaskan proses penghantarannya ke sini. Satu lagi, adakah sportivo kit ada dijual dan adakah ia sesuai untuk dipasang pada vios g. Terima Kasih…

  • asrak

    J and E dont have rear disc brake

    G and TRD Sportivo is with rear disc brake

  • zaki sepang

    hi kawan2… i just bought vios last 2 weeks.. WUC 58XX

    .. macam ni la.. everyone say about forte lah,, honda city lah,, persona lah.. ape2 lah.. tapi aku beli vios manual J sbb aku nk rasa japanase car yg aku mmpu..

    minyak sangatlah jimat.. 1000km aku dapat 11 sen.. so.. minyak dalam full tank 42 liter (70 ringgit) ,, aku dapat g sampai 700 kilometer.. nak apa lagi.. aku happy skrg.. fuel cunsumption is the best .. macam nk viva dah.. kualiti dan pickup. mmg puas hati.. sa sapa nk kutuk vios ke.. ape ke.. aku xkisah.. janji aku dan vios owner yg lain happy.. hhehehh.. hahahha

  • Liaza

    Honestly, this new fc vios is terribly ugly. Looks like those ah-beng tuned front grille and a ‘cacat’-‘buta’ rear lamps. When i saw this on the road, i just can’t believe they are actually selling this car. The previous is way nicer, simple and elegant. Id rather drive a Saga. Plus it seems taller, so an additional to the cacatness. Uncool, seriously uncool.

  • zaki sepang

    sape peduli nk kata cool ke uncool ke.. heheh coz
    fuel cnsumption / space interior / pickup.. all good..

    hehe.. liaza.. nevr mind u said anything.. we vioses donu bother…


  • faisal

    hi ben..interested to buy vios 1.5G year 2006 second it latest design new facelift?reply appreciated

  • mrsam

    kelajuan wiper vios ada 2 saja..slow and fast. sederhana tak da..itu jer kelemahan yg lain2 tu ok

  • apa apa

    dis brand new vios to b seriously speak is reli nt nice as the previous version, m wonderin how could them allowin such lousy design to b published with the car to actually affect the very good impression in older time by many vios owner, and as said by liaza is true tat, b better to use local car like saga thn using it, and to b honest, its direct competitor of honda city is way much more incredible in term of outlook thn it…anyway, js hope for the coming vios design could b able to avoid such failure again…

  • Siri Rokiah

    Dear Ben,

    I could not find the details of the difference between J and E, except for the number of airbags. What else? such that the difference in price is substantial ( nearly RM 5.5 K). Tq

  • Nurul

    Hi VIOS Users,
    Anyone interested in taking a survey regarding VIOS,do not hesitate to text me at this no:0192190190.
    Respondent who successfully completed the survey by Nielsen will be given a token RM150.
    Hurry,limited seats available!!

  • lili

    4 me
    if u looking 4 design go 4 honda city ..
    if u looking 4 specious go 4 vios
    if u looking 4 gud price go 4 vios
    if u looking 4 performance go for both
    if u looking 4 quality go 4 both ( sad to say not malaysian car)
    if u want to feel gud go 4 car above 120K

  • ekobudicahyo

    yes a like this.

  • shuqin

    I am looking for J series Auto.
    What is the difference of Old Price & New Price?
    Design/Engine/anything changed???
    Audio system don’t have USB drive?

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